Hello, i wanted to know how much Vatts does 90DD003HPL use normally when used for simple aplications, and how much it may use while gaming

Google photos

Has anyone been having the problem where Google Photos are not showing despite the option being checked in the Google Home App.  The Google photos shows fine on my Google Home Hub.  Any help would be appreciated.

Yoga C930 and Y740 screens tints red and brightness goes down

My C930 screen randomlyl tints red and the brightness level goes way down. To fix it I go to display settings and change the scaling. That fixes it, so I then change the scaling back to what I had. Is this a hardware problem? The problem also occures on my Y740 notebook. It’s very annoying.


I have all the latest updates installed. Both systems are running the latest Windows 10 Insider build. This problem does not occur on other systems I have that run Insider builds.

Screen not bright at 100% X1 Yoga 2nd gen OLED

Since yesterday I cannot bring my screen to be bright anymore. I can turn up the brightness to 100%, but at that level, the screen is only at something that looks like 70%. What is wrong??

Ideapad 330s-15arr lower case cracked



Two weeks ago I have bought an Ideapad 330s-15arr. At the store after I’ve paid, the employee test the laptop to see if is working. I didn’t touch the laptop. Was working. At home, after few hours, I’ve discovered there is a small crack on bottom case, near a screw, very hard to see it. Anyway, the second day I’ve get back to store to replace the laptop. For my surprise they told me that the laptop was checked on the store cannot be replaced.

Then, after 2 day I’ve brought the laptop to local Lenovo representative service. After few days, they told me that I have to pay some money to repair the laptop. After few day of discution, they are agree to fix laptop follow waranty. More than that, because the case have a little crack, they told me if I don’t pay for repair, my laptop will lose waranty.

I want to now Lenovo policy regarding my case.

I am very angry about this, I never checked any electronic device as so detailed to see if there is any crack. Anyway, is very hard to see that crack and almost imposible to see it at the store.

Thank you.


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