Getting a new drive for my loyal x200t

Hello everybody!


I am a proud owner of a loyal Lenovo Thinkpad X200t (yes, the tablet version!). Product number: 7449C8G. I am running windows 7 on its original 7200 rpm HDD, but i really feel the need for an upgrade of the hard drive to speed it up. I know this machine is kind of old, but i would like to use it again for the next couple of years before thinking of buying something new.


I would like to buy and SSD drive of about 500GB to use it on this machine (and maybe on other laptops after it). I have two questions about this matter:


1) every 2,5 inch SATA drive will fit? What about the thickness? I know that some drives (both HDD and SSD) can be 9,5 mm or 7 mm thick. What size should i get? The current HDD drive is a hitachi HTS725016A9A364 (i have read this id number using the software CrystalDiskInfo). How thick is the slot? If it is 9,5 mm thick, can i buy a thinner drive anyway?


2) Aside from the "size" problem, what about the brand/model to choose? Regardless of precise prize comparisons (living in different countries might lead to small price differences) is there a Brand wich is widely renowned for high compatibility with the thinkpad line? Since i am planning on using the drive on other machines (in the future), is there anything i shuld keep in mind for high compatibility in general? Maybe avoiding certain line of products in favor of others?


Thanks in adavce for any suggestion and insight.

Best regards.

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