I hibernated my Lenvo G50-80, however this morning it was dead when I tried to turn it on.

The only thing that works is the LED light that indicates your pc is on.


However there’s no fan sound or whatso ever.


Have already tried the hard boot serverak times, unfrotunately this did not solve the problem.


the charger works fine, as the batteri LED is also on when I plug the pc to it.


The pc becomes quite hot after a while, but that’s wierd since the fan is not on, and the pc has a black screen.


help please. thanks


ps. the warrant has just expired:( sad..

How to identify charge cord type needed?

Daughter lost her charge cord…. Can anyone help identifiy the type charge cord I should purchase for


Lenevo Ideapad 310T-15IKB

SN: xxxxx

Model number: 80TW0004US






Moderator comment: Serial number(s) removed to protect member from mischief.


First Generation Yoga X1, fan running too much after BIOS update

I have a first generation Yoga X1 (20FQ) and I recently updated BIOS to 1.33. Now randomly my fan gets stuck on running, meaning that it continues to run even though the temperatures are low: around 35C.


I mostly use Linux (Ubuntu 17.10), but this happens in Windows too. The two things that seem to help are 1) putting the laptop to sleep or 2) powering off. Anyone else seeing this? I am thinking it is the BIOS update.

ThinkPad E550 BIOS Update failure "failure to do module option"

Hi there


I have a Lenovo Thinkpad E550.


.I am getting "Fail to do module option. The utility process has not completed" when I try to install the latest BIOS update through the Lenovo System Update tool.


Its the "ThinkPad BIOS Update 7[32,64]/8.1/10 [64]     1.31  (J5ET60WW)      2018/03/02 " update.


When I go through the install I get the "A custom startup image has beenpreviously applied to this system. Keep customer start up image file?" message. And I have been clicking Yes. Bit scared to press No.


Thanks in advance.


System information attached

Ideapad 720S (Ryzen) won't wake from sleep

I just recieved my 720S-13ARR today. I can’t seem to get it to wake up from sleep. Pressing the power button does nothing, nor does pressing anything else. I have to long hold the power button to force a shut down and power it back on. Any help? I’ve already tried checking the power management settings and nothing in there is working. I’ve also tried turning on hybrid sleep which didn’t do anything either.

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