I am trying to get our M900 (10FCS08Q00) BIOSes to update. I have 2 test boxes. One is at BIOS FWKT5FA while the other is FWKT90A. I’m attempting to update both to the latest BIOS, FWKT91A.


Both are running Windows 10 1607 x64.


I have them packaged using WinBatch. When I manually run the wrapper – which kicks off flash.cmd /quiet /ign /sccm – the update runs successfully.





However, when I restart the computers, the 2nd part of the BIOS update never happens. Windows loads instead of the BIOS being flashed.


Anyone seen this before?

Lenovo k8 note showing slow charging while plugged with turbocharger.

Hello forum members and using Lenovo k8 note when I am connecting it to my turbocharger there is a display on the phone which is saying that the phone is in slow charging mode I havent faced the problem of till now but today itself I have facing am the problem.


If someone is having same issue regarding the charger please give me the some solution I want to watch The Lenovo team that if this failure mode has been identified by listening that charger process or not It is taking almost 5 minutes to raise the battery of to 1%.



Ideapad Flex 4 -1470 Touchpad Not working!!

I have reset my laptop and have updated windows and I think all drivers and my touchpad is STILL not working.  I’m having to use an external mouse.  Any ideas of what I can do to fix this annoying problem?

Removing the Wi-Fi module for Lenovo Tab 4 8504f 8 inch


This tablet is for someone that shouldn’t have the possibility to access the internet with it. Is it possible to physically remove the Wi-Fi without breaking the tablet? Thanks.

Lenvo l24q-20 Monitor Auto Dimming

I would like to know how i can access the Color Tab and Brightness tab as i would like to disable DCR in the OSD but the thing is there locked and im kinda tired of my monitor dimming when theres an black image or something

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