cannot get 3d or 360 on any browser

tried the various Chrome browsers and Firefox, but all of them only allow 2d, flat screen  viewing, am iI doing something wrong with the settings or is my mirage solo faulty, any suggestions please


My lenovo v110 s USB 2.0 PORT iş NOT working there iş power but no data.Note the USB services i plug are not showing 7 up in bios

ix4-300d/command to check parity check status

Hi All,


I have a Lenovo ix4-300d, Some reason it started doing parity check and now I’m not able to access the Web GUI but have access through SSH. I want to check what is the progress of the parity check. Is there any command I can use through SSH to find the information? 


Please advise.





x1 extreme power throttling

Hi everyone,

I just purchased x1 extreme fhd with i7 8750h, 16gb ram and 512gb intel ssd.

I’m having issues on battery:

When I plug my laptop, I get 1100-1120 points in cinebench. When I’m on battery, the score  significantly reduced to 450-500 points. Furthermore, fans are not spinning while I’m on battery, hw-monitor and hw-info shows that cpu is working around 3.3-3.4ghz?   

I’ve done all the updates, power slider set to best performance, I didn’t change any bios settings IC also turned-off..

I know that it is not realistic to expect the performance like AC-plugged in but this is not acceptable.


Yoga 730 Screen Not Working

I recently opened up my laptop (from sleep mode), and the display wasn’t working. Sometimes the display will start flickering, but nothing will be displayed (the flickering looks like random white lines and boxes).

Things I have tried:

– When normal/hard rebooting, the screen sometimes will flicker for a few seconds (but not actually display stuff)

– I saw on some other thread (I’ll post the link later) that pressing the power button for 60s fixed similar issues on other laptops. Doing this occasionally causes the screen to start working again, but it usually flickers and turns off again shortly (30s to 15m) after.

– Using a USB C->HDMI Adapter, external monitors work fine.

– This problem seems to be isolated: When mirroring displays, the touch input seems to work fine, as do the internal camera, keyboard, touchpad, fingerprint reader, and WiFi radio (haven’t tested Bluetooth yet, but I assume it works too).

– I ran a full windows defender sweep & offline scan (turned up nothing, but worth a shot)

– I updated the BIOS to the most recent version (via Lenovo Vantage) successfully, which didn’t seem to change anything


I’ve seen on some other threads that unplugging/replugging the battery might fix this, but I don’t want to void my warranty. I’m reluctant to send it in for service because I need my laptop for class, starting Thursday.


Any help is appreciated.

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