Battery for T430 still in the market?

 Hello! I would like to buy a new battery for my T430 (0A36302) but I cant find a place to buy it – do you guys know where I can get one ? 

Lenovo P2…Sms messages are coming lately and sending lately

When i make mobile banking process (for ex. eft) verification sms come very late ( about e few hours later). And when i send a sms that cant send it. I  need help quickly plz!

How to install Windows on Ideapad S206 with SSD

Hello all, I was wondering if you can help me.


I have an IdeaPad S206 and I have physically installed a brand new 256 GB SSD. However, I cannot install any version of Windows on it because the disk doesn’t appear in the partitions section  of the Windows installation. 


I’ve had this before with laptops and older versions of Windows that don’t recognise the SSD, and all I had to do in the past was to download the MB/chipset drivers from the manufacturer website and load them from a USB stick during the Windows installation, this usually allows me to install Windows on the SSD.


With this IdeaPad S206 I cannot find any drivers on the website that will allow me to do this. All I can see are exe files, and what I need are the specific driver files.


I’ve also tried a copy of Windows 10 Pro and that installation doesn’t recognise the SSD which is surprising.


Before anyone asks, yes the SSD is working perfectly, to test it out I installed it on a Samsung and Toshiba laptop with Windows 10 and everything was fine.


Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Lenovo Legion Y520 Not Seeing Newly Installed m.2 SSD

Hi, I bought the Legion Y520-15IKBN with MTM #80WK0165US.

It came with the 2tb and 8gig of ram. I recently added another 8gig of ram and an SSD into the available slot. My goal is to do a fresh install of windows onto the SSD and use the hdd for storage.

However, after intalling the SSD and much troubleshooting, the laptop does not even see the SSD, not in bios, not in windows. What is the problem here and how do I rectify?


The SSD I bought and installed is:

It is m.2 2280 format with pcie connection, so it should work, right? But is is not.



T480s lcd upgrade

I have a T460s for which the motherboard no longer works. It has a WQHD screen. I bought a T480s with a FHD screen. I was wondering if its possible to reuse the screen from the T460s with the T480s? On the motherboard side it looks like the T460s uses a 60 pin edp cable, but the T480s uses a 40 pin. The screen in the T460s is 00NY406. 

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