i have a problem. The Ethernet-Dongle which came with the new 6th Gen X1 Carbon doesn’t work. No Ethernet indicator lights are flashing and no connection is shown. I installed the „Intel Gigabit Ethernet Driver“ but nothing has changed.


I am trying to get a connection between the ThinkPad and an old tower which worked with the 5th gen X1 and the corresponding dongle.


Any help will be greatly appreciated. 


best regards, Johannes


Since major Lenovo update I can't print

Yesterday there was a major Lenovo update and since I haven’t been able to print anything on my printer.

My PC is a Thinkpad S440.

Anyone know about this problem?

a wired mmouse misplacement problem

please check the video enclosed with this message to see the problem. When my webpage is loading, i lost my mouse at the right place. it is pointing at another place with a fake icon. sorry, i could find a better way to explain this.


could this caused from previous partition division failure? ( i split the original c drive to c and d drives  )       



please help        



T450s High CPU Usage by BiometricSensorDataSynchronization After Boot Up


I noticed recently that after booting up my T450s with Windows 10 64-bit, the process "SynapticsWinbio Synchronization Service (CMN)" will consume ~30% of CPU utilisation.


I checked that this is the Windows service "BiometricSensorDataSynchronization" which runs executable "valWbioSyncSvc.exe", and is part of the Validity Fingerprint Common Driver 4.5.507. I downloaded the latest driver from Lenovo (which is also 4.5.507) and reinstalled it, but the problem persisted.


I did found that restarting the process (via Services MMC) after killing it will stop the high CPU utilisation. But this is just a workaround, since this needs to be done after every boot up.


Has anyone faced this problem and know the solution?

Would appreciate any advice.

updateing gtx1060 vbios on lenovo legion y720

the site mentoned has a vbios flash tool for windows and linux and i want to update my vbios "if needed" and so i went to this site [https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/] and looked into the database for my graphics card i have a gtx 1060 my vbios version currently and i noticed my max graphics clock is 1911 MHz and no matter what i put in on the site to search for my specific card to find a vbios file i cant find anything on my card specifically i mean like i cant even so much as find another gtx 1060 with the same vbios as mine nor can i even find another gtx1060 with the same max clock speed as mine why is this and can i get some help thanks ^^

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