I need new motherboard for my T410, currently I have 75Y4068 motherboard which has failed few days ago. The problem was, I think, that little metal piece from pencil got on motherboard (it was hidden under thermal tape) and it shorted it out somewhere, as I failed to find it. Before removing it would not turn on longer than a second. After removing it worked for 30 minutes and same problem appeared, but I have noticed if I play with bios battery sometimes it booted. That’s not the case now, I think. As there were smoke from several places on motherboard when I tried to diagnose the problem, but visually I could not find source of smoke. There is no short on motherboard, now at least, power supply shows 0.01A at beginning (then goes to 0), which looks ok. Some power supply went crazy, IMO. Really hoping that my CPU is okay. It’s 620M. Returning to my question, which I really hope will be sorted out, which motherboard would work on this cpu and is interchangeable with my motherboard (I have fingerprint sensor, if it helps)? I saw similar thread, but still couldnt figure it out.  


I know that laptop is old, but it didnt give any problems when working on it.

remove "asset tag" from ThinkCentre's BIOS

Hi all!


I had been playing with the BIOS on my ThinkCentre setting up the "asset tag" on Windows 10 using "wflash2.exe".


What is the right way to remove the "asset tag"?  The best I can think of is changing it to a blank space (wflash2.exe /tag:" ").  Is it possible removing the asset tag instead of changing it to a single blank space?


Thank you!

Microphone input on Ideacentrte A10 520-22ast


I would like to use an external wired microphone on my PC,  i’m not familar with the sockets on it, as it doesnt look like a normal audio input.  What type do I need to purchase tp plug in a microphone?


Advice appreciated


P320 Tiny system fan connecter

Does anyone know the spec of system fan connecter of P320 Tiny? The connecter has 4 pins I think those pins are Ground, +12V, RPM and PWM. However I have no idea which pin is Ground and +12V and so on.

Ear speaker not working Lenovo p2

My Lenovo p2 ear speaker working very very low sound..

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