Warranty Purchase After warranty expire

I have Lenovo Ideapad 300 purchase on 21st july 2016. My carry-in warranty expired on 21 july 2018. I missed to check. I want to upgrade or extend warranty. Is it possible.

Please guide me elaboratively.

When will Lenovo k8 note get July security patch?

When will Lenovo k8 note get July security patch?

Lenovo ThinkCentre M81 Error 0135: Fan Failure

Hello everyone,


This past few weeks, I’ve been having this error which is "Error 0135: Fan Failure".

Any fix on this?



Ideapad 720 15 15IKB 81AG Keyboard lag



My keyboard is lagging on this machine which I purchased around 2 weeks ago. I use it for Autocad and noticed that the shift key stays on a while when pressed and also have noticed that if you hold any key in when typing even if only for a second it will continue typing for about another second after the press. I have seen this is an issue on other models in the forum and have already updated to the latest BIOS but it hasnt solved the problem.


Is there a fix for this as I can’t work like this day to day? I am looking at trying to return this and get a refund if not



X1 Carbon 6th gen – Touchpoint buttons need heavy press to activate

My brand new X1 Carbon won’t recognize touchpoint button pushes unless I press down until they bottom out (left, right and middle).  I can feel the tactile bump and hear the click of the button being pressed but it won’t register as a click until I use what feels like an unnatural amount of force to get the button to bottom out.


Since I installed Ubuntu (18.04) right away and didn’t bother opening Windows, I don’t know if this is a hardware issue or a software issue.


Has anyone seen anything similar to this?

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