After pushing the Power button the power button blinks.


Power icon at the front of the laptop also blinks.

Battery icon is stable.


I tried the 30 Sec fix and i’m willing to fix it myself if i need to disassemble it .


Video attached for reference.



Type of SIM card for Lenovo tab E10 model tb-x104f

I’m feeling quite confused about the right simcard for my tablet. The lenovo tablet support video says I must not use the simcards that come as the  triple/punch out types.


I have searched online for a simcard that is a single nano simcard on its own. They no longer exist! All mobile providers sell their  Simcards as 3 in 1 punch out types. Does anyone know where I can buy a nano SIM card that is not part of a triple simcard? Or any other advice? I just want to use pay as you go simcard to make calls and use the internet without the cost of fancy mifi devices.

Each Time I Startup my computer there are weird lines on the screen- Video included


as the title mentions – each time I startup my computer, a weird screen with lines appears, sometimes longer sometimes shorter.

It looks like something wrong with the Graphic Card, but I’m not sure.

*In the video it doesn’t look so bad, but in reality it is more apparent. 


The Video:


*I bought the computer 3 weeks ago.


HI All, I have tried installing the latest Bios update for my M73 with the "usb flash,cd iso image and the windows flash" all fail at the stage of "sending update to secure flash -Done" then the machine doesnt reboot. Has anyone got a solution for this? Happens on both of my M73 Tiny machines.

Brand new battery reporting unexpected capacity

I just put a brand new 70++ battery into my w530, and the battery diagnostics in Lenovo Dianostics on Windows 10 are reporting unexpected results.  Specifically, "Full Charge Capacity" is reporting 28064 mWh instead of the expected ~94000mWh and the serial number does not match what is on the external label.  The model number (4SN1011) also doesn’t match the label, however according to a google search that is a valid P/N for a 70++.  The manafacture date on the battery (2017.10) also doesn’t match the date on the label (2019-01-09).


On the other hand, the battery I am replacing is the 70++ that came with the laptop, and also only reported a Full Charge Capacity of 28064 mWh, so I know that all the values cannot be trusted.


Is this expected?  Is this a result of the "dual-firmware" on the battery?

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