I bought Lenovo P52 with preinstalled Windows 10 Pro. It connects to network but I get ‘without Internet connection’ message for wifi and LAN interfaces both and I can’t load any site. Internet connection works because my other devices (Windows 10 Home desktop and Android) have no problems with internet connection.


I tried to flush DNS cache, install drivers from lenovo website and made network and OS reset but nothing helped.

T480 (20L5CTO1WW) does not detect docking TB3

Dear all,

I am using a T480 and I am very happy of it

However, I have recently bought a Thinkpad TB3 workstation dock (40AN0230EU), but it is never recognized/detected.

I have modified the TB3 settings in the BIOS but nothing has changed. +

Could someone help me on this ?

I’m getting super frustrated after spending almost 10 hours trying to install the dock…

Thanks a lot !!!


Does Lenovo Smart Tab support voice purchase and voice profile?

Does the built-in Alexa in Lenovo Smart Tab support voice purchase and voice profile?


As far as I know, several Alexa built-in devices on the market do not support voice profile and voice purchase, the users can only put the items to the shopping cart and purchase them on the phone.


Thanks for your reply.

Will This T61 accept a penryn cpu ?

Hello guys,
I know that this question may has been asked many times but here we go again.
I always had wanted to try the old thinkpad experience so I got one very cheap but in a rough condition. (Nvida Version)
Funny fact they forgot to remove a protective foil from the thermal pad  so the chip was not cooled at all.

Model type is : 7663 – B22 S/N xxxxxxxx
Manufactured : 08/04.

It has a T7300. Bios version is from 2010.
Will this survivor accept Penryn processors like T8300 ?

Well, in my country  Penryn processors  are cheaper and easier to find.

Thanks all!


Mod Edit: S/N removed for privacy protection 

Miix310 black screen.

Hi there, my hybrid miix310 developed a blank screen / dark screen problem after being switched off while it was playing a video. Even if i turn it on the screen shows a mild light on the screen then goes dark. It ceased working barely 4 and half months after purchasing it. Please help I’m paying for a device which I’m not even using. Its been almost a year now.

What may be the main factor in this? Could it be hardware or software failure? Please help.

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