Lenovo Ideapad 320 Sleep Button Not Working

I am no longer able to put my phone on hold because the power button is no longer working when the computer boots. I have already contacted Windows Support and we were unable to resolve the issue by changing the operating system settings. The staff recommended that I contact Lenovo technical support.

How can you guys help me?

ThinkStation P900 does not boot any more


After a shutdown and reboot of the system in the 4 digits display is a b.os / b006 code shown. 

I try to locate a description of that code but there are no clear hints. 

I also tried to reset the BIOS and load a new one but could not succeed. 

Also there is no clear descriptionin the manual what is Pin1 of JP4. When the text JP4 is readable does Pin1 mean the leftmost pin of the jumper? 


I wonder if this problem is related to the motherboard or to a failing CPU?


Any advice would be welcome. 


BR Florian 



Enable Manual Focus In Lenovo K8 Note Please

I Bought The Lenovo K8 Note To Shoot Some Really Good Videos..But Unfortunately The Main Feature Of Smartphone Videography…THE MANUAL FOCUS…Is Unfortunately Missing In The LENOVO K8 NOTE…So Please Enable That If Possible…Or Just Enable That Feature For 3RD PARTY APPS… That’d Really Help!!

Wireless driver for Yoga 500


I have a laptop Yoga 500
S/N: xxxxx
I installed Windows 8.1 32bit, try many Wireless driver but failed.
Please give me link for this case.



Moderator comment: Serial number(s) removed to protect member from mischief.

Unable to connect to operational virtual machines in Hyper-V operating on Lenovo T560 Windows 10


I have a Lenovo T560 laptop, machine type model: 20FH004DFR.

Config is Intel Core i7-6500U with 16GB RAM and a 500GB SSD drive.

Operating system is latest Windows 10 Enterprise version 1709, build 16299.192.

Intel Virtualisation has been enabled in the BIOS and Hyper-V selected in Windows Features.

Hyper-V Manager starts perfectly and all appears OK.

I tried to create a Windows 7 Ultimate Generation 1 VM with 4GB mem, default switch, 20GB hard disk, set DVD to point to ISO media.

I opened VM Connect and clicked on the Start button.

The VM started and booted in to ISO to start installation.

This is where it all goes wrong.

VM Connect tries to connect to the VM and constantly fails. Eventually erroring with Virtual Machine Connection error "Cannot connect to the virtual machine. Try to connect again. If the problem persists, contact your system adminsistrator. Would you like to reconnect". In the background is another error saying "Video remoting was disconnected. The virtual machine is currently using the RemoteFX 3D video adapter. A user is currently connected via Remote Desktop. Connect to the virtual machine by using Remote Desktop Connectoion."

The small screen view in Hyper-V Manager clearly shows the VM running and the installation screen in Windows 7 awaiting for keyboard and language selection. But VM Connect never connects to the VM.

Any ideas?

I thought I was running the latest version of all tools and utilities.

This does appear to be a Lenovo specific issue as I have created the exact environment on a separate desktop PC and Hyper-V, VC Connect and the VM all work perfectly OK, fully installed VM, fully operational and VM Connect working exactly as it should.

Please anyone any ideas? My only option is to look for an alternative laptop and I don’t rrally want to do this.

Thanks for any input.



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