I have lenovo vibe k5 note A7020a40 i need to rom why my phone not open and have more open source code for this phone and how flash this to my phone???

Lenovo legion Y530 needs repair. But I am in another country

I bought my leptop few months ago in Ukraine. After the month of work it started to have led screen issues (screen just became dark in one moment and didnt turn on since then. I tried to plug in tv screen via hdmi. The system works correctly. Notebook is working. But there is no way I can turn on a screen. It doesnt work in bios as well as in os) and I want to bring it on warranty repair but the problem is I am in Thailand now. Is there any way to contact local support using Ukrainian warranty? Where should I go? How can I solve the problem? My notebook is important for me now so I have to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Please help=(

How to recover my lenovo original copy of windows 7 ?

Good Evening guys 🙂


I have recently bought my lenovo t430s (used device not new) and I am facing a problem with my windows 7 professional that was pre-installed on it. I don’t have a recovery disc and I managed to get my license key using the code provided on lenovo website. Yet on microsoft website, I couldn’t download a copy of windows 7 (so that I reinstall it and fix its current defects), it gives me an error when I verify the key.


Probably, the guy who sold it, lost his original key and installed a pirated version which I don’t want to use. Is there any way that I can retrieve my original key especially the ticket on the bottom of the device is not there any more ?


Can Lenovo support team send me my original key if they are given all internal information of my device ?


Any help will be highly appreciated guys 🙂


Thanks a lot 


Mina Fares

Cairo, Egypt

Determining what motherboard I have

My son and I are building a PC from leftover parts given to us. The motherboard has the Lenovo brand name on it and Socrates Rev 1.0 printed on the board. We don’t have the original case but so far we believe we’ve narrowed it down to being from a Thinkcentre ThinkStation S30. From reading some other posts I’ve seen mention of a revision made to the board in relation to PCIe 2.0, 2.1 & 3.0.


What physical features can I look for on the motherboard to determine which motherboard we have and the model number it came from.


We’re working one step at a time but with that information next we’ll be looking for additional details like which video cards are compatiable, what different POST codes mean, which BIOS updates and drivers to download.




I have 256gb samsung m.2 sata ssd can i replace it with 1tb 860 evo m.2 .sata ssd

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