How does the Licensing of Lenovo XClarity Administrator / Pro,,, work ??



I have three SR650´s and have setup a Lenovo XClarity Administrator,, applicans thinky..


There are also a "Lenovo XClarity Pro"  and the information at "" is a bit unclear,, is this a new XClarity install and a PRO lic. or is it a lic. for the Lenovo XClarity Administrator,, or is it the same Lenovo XClarity Administrator and every server har a lic. a FOA installed ??

And is this the lic. I need or is this something else :-/ ??


– Morten Hjorth


Hi to all


We purchased our sons G50-80 just under 2 years ago. It’s the 1st time we have purchased this brand and our experience is not positive !


His lap top has been performing poorly for a few months and his school work has suffered from lack of access to a lap top.


The lap top has had very light use and is in perfect (cared for condition).


Cannot access any Lenovo support services directly from his lap top and ALL Lenovo recovery tools have proved to be completely usleless !  Have run BIOS checks which always come back as clean.  Have tried resetting (FULL RESET) numerous times but never gets beyond 14%.


I would greatly appreciate any advice on our issue


Best regards

Lenovo k5 not on

YOGA 11e screen background switched to black vs regular white

My 2 year old pressed a bunch of keys and my laptop toggled to a black background with white lettering on all apps except browsing.  I looked in the display settings but didn’t see anything to correct it.  I’ve attached a screen shot.  Help : )

Thinkcentre M910x AIO Graphics

I’ve recently purchased a ThinkCentre M910x (tiny) with the upgraded AMD Radeon RX 460 4GB DDR5 128bit GPU. Along with this, I ordered a ThinkCentre TIO 23.8" Gen3 Monitor. The configuration and setup of the system works beautifully with the exception that using the M910x and the TIO monitor in AIO mode uses the onboard graphics rather than the card I paid for. Has anyone else experienced this issue or found a workaround?


I intended to begin purchasing this as a standardized configuration, but this potential GPU issue will bar that from happening if there isn’t a way to get around it.

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