Yoga 710 15IKB bricked after update 12-23-18

Today My laptop updated upon start up and afterwards my laptop seems broken. It does not respond to simple clicks and my curser keeps dissapearing all together. Connect here is great although opening a browser will not happen. What a xmas update -_-

Any help would be great! 

ThinkPad Edge 540 Synaptics FP Sensors Issue

Since this morning I could not use my Synaptics FP Sensor drive since it wouldn’t work accurately or work at all, then I noticed it was something about its update, that wouldn’t allow me to use it, so I wanted to describe this issue because the Lenovo System Update software should recommend  us whenever it is necessary to update a driver for its functionality which was what I did, but manually and after spending much time wondering what was wrong… So if anyone is having an issue with their fingerprint sensor, or at least E540 users, update it and it wil work again. Thank you for reading.

Will Y900 Line-up have a successor?

Hello fellow lenovo community,


I have been searching the internet for information regarding the Y900 Lineup as it seems the model was discontinued in the middle of this year and the Y700 lineup got finally its Laptop successor in the form of the Y730 17 inch model.


I had been in contact with someone regarding this information but he could neither confirm nor deny if a followup will be presented anytime soon. Needless to say I was not very amused to see that the new Y730 17 inch models have a matte IPS panel instead of glossy IPS one, which I see as sort of a downgrade and even the models I had happen to inspect of the Y730 lineup were reminding me of those R61 Thinkpads that had a dockingstation attached to them.


Is this the design lineup we will expect for the coming year or will the Y900 series continue on the design path of the predecessor? 


Needless to say I enjoyed the Y700 series which I use myself up until this design change happened. The maintenance on the new machines (starting Y730) seems as if the casing was co-manufactured by Asus with the same "Denial for maintenance"-Casedesign that we come to expect by so many other manufacturers.


I would love to hear some feedback regarding the current state and wether this is the path lenovo’s Legion lineup is taking. 


Thank you very much,



P.S.: Attached is a pic of the current build with a Y700-17ISK (i7-6700HQ, 32GB DDR4 RAM, GTX960M, 1TB NVMe 970 Pro (fully unlocked with a overwritten Bios) and a 3,82TB Intel D3-4510 SSD) This machine runs part time in a virtualization environment thats why the specs were increased over time to its current state.

Yoga 720 Fails all attempts during Preparing Automatic Repair.

The system stated it was restrarting after performing updates.  Unknown what updates as the child using the system just saw it was updates.  Now the system is in a perpetual look attempting to perform a Repair.  I have tried all the different options and what it states is that it "failed to perform"  I created a repair disk from another Windows 10 system and boot to that with the same results.


At the automatic repair screen I see that it couldn’t repair the system and tells me there is a file to look at.  Really difficult to read the file and understand the failure, so I proceed to advanced options.


I can get to a dos prompt.  I run diskpart and I see the different volumes and they all report being healthy. I am able to change to each drive and see that they contain all the appropriate files and folders.


I attempt to do a Reset this PC and keep the files and it returns with "There was a probllem resetting your PC. No changes were made.  If I go to use System Restore it comes back with no restore points have been made.  I know for a fact that is incorrect because I made sure when I setup the system that was enabled.

Startup Repair is the same.

The BOIS settings are all correct so that does not appear to be the issue either.  

I try running SFC /scannow and it reports that run 100 percent but that Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.

Tried running CHKDSK /F but the drive is in use and restarting goes back to the annoying Preparing Automatic Repair.

I also verified that Dec Windows updates were not installed by running a command line to remove the KB items.  They all came back as not installed.


So my questionn is this.  Where can I download the Home version of Windows that was installed on here, but there is no media DVD nor file to recover from.  Even trying a repair disk from another Win 10 system did not do the trick.  I saved the user profile and just want to go ahead and do a fresh install, but there was no media so now am stuck.


Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





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