y740 ubuntu 18.04 brightness solution finnally worked

bios: switch…


ubuntu terminal:


 sudo prime-select intel 


To check which card is being used right now, run this command:


prime-select query


output: intel



then running this command:


 xrandr | grep " connected" | cut -f1 -d " "


my case above output:



then running command below:


xrandr –output eDP-1-1 –brightness 0.6


change above 0.6 to whatever you like


off you go  


based on 2060, hotkey not working though



Control Screen Brightness from Ubuntu Terminal


H50-50 BIOS

I just did the system_update_5.07.0088 that was released 17 Sept 2019. After I did that, I checked and found ny BIOS date is 6/18/2014. Is there a newer one or should I not worry about this?


I just stumbled on the system update. Is there any way to get a heads up on updates?

My Lenovo y520 starts to lag after the latest windows update.

It started lagging on all games sometimes it doesnt even recognize the graphics card that I have. I need some help, please.

My Cookbook no longer working

For the past week or so, the my Cookbook feature has not been working. I’ll say "hey Google, show my Cookbook" and it will reply "ok, showing your Cookbook" and the little assistant icon will stay in the top left corner … But nothing happens. After about 30 seconds it the smart display will then reboot.


I’ve factory reset the smart display but it still doesn’t work – just kind of hangs and reboots.


Anyone else got this problem or know what I can do to fix it?

Is My New Legion Cube Defective?

I’m stumped!  I have a new Lenovo Legion C730.  It’s a fabuloius gaming machine with more horsepopwer on paper than I need… but it will not work.  My intent is to run the X-PLANE-11 flight simulator.  I can run the app on my older Lenovo Think Center M58p.  It’s really not up to the task and that’s why I bought the C730.     So far, the new machine experience is very disappointing.  The application will freeze or hang radomly almost every flight.  Sometimes it hangs within seconds.  Usually the freeze happens after about 10 minutes of "flight".  At that time the display image is frozen, the internal fans accellerate, the keyboard and mouse are inoperative.  There are no clues left behind in the event logs.  the only solution is a cold reboot via holding down the power button.  Not good.  The machine passes the Intel and Vantage diagnostices.  I have monitored with HWMonitor and the CPU temps and voltages are unremarkable.  What might be goining on?  Do I need to send this unit back?  I have requested assistance via eMail but those support requests apparently go nowhere:  I get a blank email response and then that’s the end of it.  Has anyone got any clues to this technical issue, or to whether or not Lenovo has any support?

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