Windows 10 (SSD upgrade) Lenovo Legion Y720

Hello, I will be upgrading my SSD and i will be replacing the current 120GB SSD for a 250GB variant how do i transfer windows from the current one into the larger one thanks for the help.

Enabling WOL in BIOS for 300 laptops.

I need to enable Wake on Lan in BIOS for 300 laptops. Is there a utility like Dell’s DCCU that I can run an .exe to update the BIOS settings on these laptops. We currently using Carbon’s and Yoga’s. 

p 51 – can i purchase warranty later – internation warrantly

planning to purchse p 51 from bhphoto. wanted to know if i can purchse extended warranty later. also if i can add international topup to it?


Hello, I have bought a brand new thinkpad X260 over 1300 USD, but after only 4 months, the track point and touchpad cannot work anymore. I contacted the technique support, but they cannot solve the problem. They created a case number for repair, and the machine was sent to Poland depot. However, the Poland repair center only said that the part is not available. Further emails, they do not reply anymore. Very very very very very bad service!!!!! Very very very frustrated with such bad service!!!!


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