tab4 screen shuts off

randomly the screen shuts off while using it like there is a sensor somewhere. its a tab4 10" running android.

Lenovo Jedi Challenge: audio problem with temple guard video intro

Hi guys, I have IPhone 7 and when I am in Lothal against the Grand Inquisitor (first duel) the Temple Guard in video introduction dont start to speak and I dont ear any sounds. I saw video on youtube and the temple guard should start speacking asking me to turn on the lightsaber. I tried to turn on but the game dont start anyway… in all the rest of the game I ear sounds and the temple guard talk, I have problem only in this point.


I would like to play and this can be a little frustrating cause i cant go on.


I am sure the sounds are on and I have turn off the “mute mode button” on the left/top of the device.


Please if you know how to help me I will apprecciate.


Thank you

Why is the Lenovo smart display display not supported in Google home screen casting?

300€ E460 upgrade and refresh worthwhile?

Hello fellow Lenovians,


I have been using my E460 for 3 years now and it has been been mostly rock solid for me so far. I am thinking about how my system will hold up for the next 1 – 3 years and I am contemplating whether I should switch to a new system within 2019 or upgrade my E460 to give it a second life for another 2 – 3 years.


The idea would be to get the laptop cleaned from any dust that might have gotten trapped inside, renew thermal paste (if there is any in laptops?), get the cooling fan(s) and other parts (recommendations?) checked for any damage, add another 8GB of RAM, get the battery replaced (my gut feeling and analytics show it only has 50% of it’s original capacity) and perhaps put a new 500GB SSD inside it. I was hoping to get all this done under 300€ and can do moderately complex replacements and cleaning myself if it’s somewhat safe to do for a non-pro. Do you think it is worth it? More info below.


To help you unterstand my situation I would like to mention my current specs, laptop use cases and what the condition of my laptop is like.


Not quite sure if this is a standard, but to get everyone reading this on the same page my current specs are the following:

i5-6200 CPU @ 2.3GHz

Intel HD Graphics 520 + Radeon R7 M360


192 GB SSD


Use cases:
I am starting to do more and more video (1080p, mp4) and photo (14-bit raw) editing. There are obviously faster system for the job, but even though the Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro bring my system to the max. from time to time, for now I am generally happy with the performance I get. Other than that I am an avid chrome user even though my RAM hates it, light gamer (League of Legends, MMOs on low to moderate settings) and the usual MS office applications.



Windows and Lenovo hardware scans show no issues at all.

From time to time I got a weird error that would say "Media test failure, check cable" when booting and then it asked me to select which hard drive to boot from which would only result in a loop right back to the decision screen. However, a hard shut down would usually solve that issue for two months or so and I think I actually stumbled upon the permanent solution today.

Laptop seems a little louder than when I got it, keyboard is mint and case makes a few cracking noises here and there, but nothing worrisome, track pad coating is starting to chip away slowly.

Just yesterday my laptop started freezing randomly after a few hours of usage, still troubleshooting that issue.


Thank you for devoting your time and best greetings from (somewhat) cold Germany.

X250 extra USB?

I found unused connector in my ThinkPad X250.

I think this USB cable, but I can’t find what is used for.

Does anyone know what this is?


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