t470s Won't Power on (is it Short Circuited?)

Hi, I made a huge mistake, while connecting my arduino board (to the computer via usb) I somehow connected a 12v battery to it to try to power something one. As soon as I turned the battery on, my screen turned off and now nothing will turn on. I turned off and unplugged the battery as fast as I could but my laptop responds to nothing now, not even being plugged in.


Since it’s a t470s thinkpad, it has 2 batteries and I can only take one of them out, which I did, but to no avail. Is there any way for me to fix this (replacing motherboard, replacing fuse, etc.) or is this a lost cause? 🙁

BSOD Critical Service Failed cannot boot Windows 10

Hi. I have tried about everything I know to do to fix this issue. I have tried system restore, recover, reset, booting into safe mode not working. Tried all F-1 to F-10 startup options nothing works. Tried chkdsk c: /r /x in command prompt nothing. Tried  sfc /scannow and reboot nothing. I tried using a Windows 10 boot DVD using Media Creation Tool to try and repair it. Clicked repair and it came back saying it could not be repaired.  I don’t know what to do. Can’t even boot into safe mode which is not good. What is the issue and fix? Anything I can do short of doing a clean install which is not what I really want to do.? Thanks.


Lenovo ideapad 510s 14isk WONT BOOT

Hey everyone,


I really need my laptop is I have an exam in 3 days and need my notes!


I tried to replaced my RAM today into 16GB, once I had replaced it i realised I had placed the wrong ram, ddr4. The ram fit however the laptop didn’t boot.


I placed the original RAM back in, and now the laptop screen is still blank, with a response of the power light white then off.


The batter is fully charge 🙂 and tried with power cable.


I did some research, and removed the battery and CMOS. Waited 30 mins and restarted.


A fairly simple procedure as I’ve done many fixes on laptops in the past.


The laptop keyboard and power button light up, good news is this didn’t before and the fans spun.


Theres nothing shown on the screen it appears to be dead, nothing on the HDMI either.


So the laptop is now irresponsive in the sense I cannot see anything.


I tried booting into BIOS many times.



What next ?


Have i corrupted my BIOS Now and need to reflash? 


I ran our of warranty ages ago and im on a tight budget being a student!

I want to upgrad my ideacenter 510s's graphics card but all graphics cards are too wide.

System specs:

T450 won't turn on

The battery died. I plugged it in and the F1, F4 and Fn led’s came on but the machine will not power up. The led on the power button won’t even light up when pressed. I let it charge for the day and tried again, same led’s were lit.  I disconnected external power and battery and the 3 led’s remain lit.  I am wondering if I should leave the battery out and the cord unplugged and wait for the led’s to go out, then try the boot process again.

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