No reply from the Case Manager

My old case number 7027214494 and my new case number 03810464.


Hi so its about 20 days since my orignal laptop went for repairs and then i get to know that the laptop couldn’t be fixed with the defects that it came with in the box while being at a lenovo depot station. I had a chat with one of the customer care agent on messenger and they escalated my case. My case number is 03810464 and manager emailed me and called me but i havent herd from him since. After that i texted lenovo support again in messenger regarding the status update on my case and they said to wait for the reply from Customer Care case manager since he didnt do anything yet. I even called him 3 times didnt get any response nor got a reply back on email. I had sent 4 emails as well and still there is no reply. 


I dont even know if the new replacement unit is shipped. Its been 3 days sincfe the case manager called me on OCT 3 in the morning and every day after i have been calling him back. I didnt expect leneovo to be this bad with their customer service. I m still waiting for a confirmation. I am with out a laptop for about 21 days now and its hard because i am a university student. I spent 1300 dollar on this laptop (YOGA 730 15 inch) its not an easy money. I expect from leneovo to have their service better then this. 


X1 Carbon Gen2 power button flashing

My X1 carbon (Generation 2) power button flashing continuously.  The current battery even though it says 100% it drains in 40 minutes, then keep getting battery is very low (even though AC power cable is plugged in).  I have to shut down and leave the AC power cable plugged in to charge the battery again.  It takes a couple of hours to charge 100% and if I start using it drains in 40 minutes (only browsing lightly).  So, I bought a new battery, replaced it, when I turn on the power, it says the battery is critically low and immediately shut down.  I left an AC power cable plugged in to charge the new battery for 10~12 hours, still unable to boot with a new battery, but able to use with old battery for 40 minutes per every 100% charge with power button keep flashing.  Any help/suggestion?

120S-14IAP – Windows update fail due to free space….

I bought a new 120S notebook a month ago and it keeps crashing every time Windows wants to do an update(daily it seems). I read the post about using two flash drives to create a Media Creation Tool. However my question is different. Is it possible with this notebook to set it to manually choose to download or not download new updates? This would be preferable to me since I get the same ones at work and my desktop there lets me choose to download or not and thus I already know which ones I want or dont want by the time I use my notebook.

Any suggestions?



X1 6th Gen Will Not Shut Down but constantly resets

For some reason my X1 will not shut down when I initiate the shut down.  In fact, it will reset rather than shut down.

This started happening after the last update with Windows and Lenovo vantage.

Fan running non stop

I have a new (2 week old) Yoga 720 121Kb. Since the microsoft update on monday the fan has not stopped running. Anyone else having this problem or know how to stop or know if this is an issue others have had since the update? I know there has been many other issues with the update. 

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