Move a little, WiFi signal lost? Lenovo Ideapad 320s, 13"



I bought myself a Lenovo laptop at least 2 weeks ago (Ideapad 320S, 13"). At first, it was no problem, however, everytime i moved a little bit (3-4 meters away from WiFi router), the signal became unstable and eventually lost. I ran a troubleshooter, it turn out to be the driver not the software or something else. Can someone help me? I cannot stick in one place near the router all the time. Should I bring it to Service Center or not? I still have my Warranty. If I really need to go to the Service Center, would it take a long time?


Thank you and Have a good day!

y520 SSD Temperature problem

hello guys. I have a y520-15lkbn with 7700 & 1050ti. I added a NVMe SSD which is Adata XPG SX6000 gen 3×2. On idle, SOMETIMES, the temperature is 75 degrees celcius. I’ve seen the operating temp of the ssd is between 60 to 75 degrees. Never went too low.



Does incompatibility the reason why this ssd went too hot?

Thinkpad X1 Carbon integrated camera malfunctions in the middle of my Zoom or Skype Calls



Am seeking assistance as I have been experiencing problems with my camera for the last week or so. I usually use my camera when i conduct zoom meeting, initially everything was working perfectly but the camera starts to malfunction weeks ago.


In the middle of the video conference it will just get a black screen and error message pops-up.


I followed the following steps below but the problem still occurs:


Updating the driver under device managerRollback the driver (Works temporarily for 15 minutes then it goes black and error message appears again)


When I check the CAMERA app i get this error message : Error Code 0xA00F4246


When you check under device manager it says that camera is working and no problem are being detected. Is this issue a software issue? or  a Windows issue?


Hopefully  someone can provide me Troubleshooting steps to permanently fix this.



USB-C Dock no display port video output

We have a ThinkPad E580 connected to a USB-C dock. USB-C dock has 2 displays connected via DP. When connected, USB works fine, LAN works, but video output suddenly stopped after reconnecting the notebook.


Upgraded the drivers on the notebook according to this page:


Tried updating the firmware in the dock, but getting this message. It might explain the lack of video.

ThinkPad USB-C Dock FW Utility v3.7
Package including (BB: HX3: DK:1.3.40 DP:3.12.005)
Update date:ma 16-07-2018
Update time:09:33

Checking current Dock FW version  
BillBoard Version:
Hx3 Version:
CCG4 Version: 1.3.34
ThinkPad USB-C DP Hub version can’t be checked!
Please power cycle the Dock to try again.


I already powercycled the dock (twice). Disconnected and reconnected the displays (one by one). Firmware will not load. Devices are installed 2 months ago and have been working until now.


Any clues? Thanks in advance.

Thinkpad x1 carbon 1st gen Type 34xx Model 3444DCG

my thinpad has been working perfectly for the past 5 yrs. Battery died suddenly.

I asked local agent for replacement, they said x1 carbon 1st generation is absolute. I searched in Amazon, diffent manufacturers are available.


Could anyone help me on this.

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