Lenovo UK Support messing me around

Hi All,


I’ve a fault that developed on my P51 possibly motherboard dead. This happened on Saturday 14th April night. On Monday 16th April, I called Lenovo UK and a service request was opened. The guy ordered the part and said it’ll be delivered to the service team in 2 working days.

I called back on Wednesday 18th April and the confirmed that the service team has received the part and there were scheduled to come to my home on Thursday 19th April. Come Thursday, no one came, I called on Thursday Evening and the person I spoke to deniedsaid that no scheduled was made for Thursday, that it will be Friday 20th April. Come Friday, as usual no one came.


I called this Monday 23rd April morning and the person said it’ll be either Tuesday or Wednesday that an engineer will pay me a visit.


I called on Tuesday afternoon and the lady said it’s today Webnesday the 25th April that an engineer will come.


At 8am UK time this morning,  I called to confirm today’s visit and the guy confirmed it.


At 10am, I called again and another guy confirmed today.


Getting worried I called at 12:15pm this afternoon, and the guy confirmed the engineer will be at my house by 6pm.


At around 2pm I called and another person confirmed on or before 6pm.


Come 4pm I called once more and another person confirmed befor 6pm. He said he was 1000% sure the engineer will come and he’ll call me tomorrow morning to ask me how it went.


Come 5:30pm I called again and the guy who answered my call said the there was nothing showing on their system that an engineer was going to visit today nor any other day and he’ll raise the case with the manager.


I was so angry with this guy, so the 5 or 6 people that I spoke to were lying to me or leading me on?


This company is a joke really. Can someone help me please? My service request number is 40633P5

Lenovo V110-15AST BIOS 1PCN63WW Installed but dont boot to logo or System anymore. Black Screen

This morning updated my working Idea V110-15AST to last bios update on Lenovo support (1PCN63WW) everything looks works ok til bios upgraded sucessufuly and never works again. No Lenovo Logo. No Bios access with Fn+F2 keyboards. Just the CapsLk key have led turn on from beginin and fan runs as never heard before.


Need a really good help with this issue cause end a work there!  


Thans in advance!

G50-45 – Wifi issue

Hello so i have notebook Lenovo… it started working slow so so slow so i done clean install. When i finished with clean install i cant make internet to work. I have wi fi through bluetooth on notebook it worked fine before i reinstaled windows… i had like lines showing wi fi networks now i have like a monitor with red X on it. when i click it shows Bluetooth Network Connection and under Not connected. I cant update drivers since i cant access on network. What should i do to make it like it was WI FI that instead small monitor in right bottom corner to have those lines??? and to access network. When i open Network and Sharing i dont have WI FI options anywhere…. What should i do how to make it work??? I searched on internet and no where i could find solution. Please help me 🙁


Mod’s Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


A few questionms about getting a repair

I have an android lenovo yogabook. The holo keyboard has a crack in it, which I see happens a lot to people.


It is still under warrenty. How do I go about getting it fixed and does anyone know the cost?

Yoga 720 crashes after automatic bios update.

Few hours ago, I just said yes to an automatic bios upadate for my Yoga 720-13IKB brand new with Windows 10 preinstalled.


The system is now unable to launch : it keeps cycling between a blue screen with " 🙁 …. windows cant boot " and a black one with Lenovo logo and "Préparation de la réparation automatique" (Automatic reparation preparation?)


Bios is 2.06.

Bios back flash was disabled


Is there any way to fix this ?

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