Lenovo ThinkPad R500 No Drivers Available

There are no drivers listed on Lenovo’s site for the ThinkPad R500. This Laptop was built with Windows 7!! I am trying to reinstall Windows and I am missing Drivers for Network, Fingerprint Sensor, PCI Simple Communications Controller, 3 system base devices and one unknown device. When I put my serial number in it says it is for a null and gives me only warranty information. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Anyone found a laptop case/sleeve/bag that fits a Miix 320 perfectly?

My Miix 320 is lovely and great as a second device for car shows, etc, where I need access to data. However, I’m struggling to find a case/bag that fits it properly. I have a sleeve but it’s about two inches too long and an inch to deep so the Miix sllides around in it. Anyone found a perfect fit?

K8 plus Google drive crashing

Hi, can someone help me regarding Google drive issue with Lenovo K8 plus mobile. When I am opening any high resolution image in drive the app is freezing and error message coming as Drive has stopped open app again. But the same image is easily opening in my Moto z play. Is this happening with all?


Admin note; subjects edited for clarity

[LINUX INSTALL] BootLoader Missing


Yesterday I bought a laptop Lenovo Ideapad with 1 TB and Intel Pentium 64-bit and with Windows 10 installed.

I don’t use Windows. So I installed a linux debian-based distro: Parrot Security. I deleted windows and Installed Parrot Security.

I tried to install…. everything worked well until the installation of the grub-boot-loader failed.

I’ve always installed operating systems without any problem, but this time it didn’t work. "Installation Grub-Boot-Loader failed"

Lenovo Ideapad 720s 15IKB Touch 4K – specs

Hi, I’m looking at buying this laptop, but i came across a few questions:


1) Can this laptop support up to 32gb RAM as it is mentioned in some youtube reviews?


2) Can this laptop support video through the USB-C port as well, or just data? I’m looking at connecting 2 portable USB-C monitors, 1 through the Thunderbolt port and the other through the normal USB-C port.


3) Is the Thunderbolt port 2 lanes or 4?


4) Is this 4k screen anti-glare as well?


5) How would this 4k screen work connected to 2 FHD portable monitors, in terms of resolution?


6) Is this 4k screen suffering from backlight bleeding as some reviews suggest?


Thanks in advance.

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