Lenovo Legion Y520 HDD not showing



Can someone help me with my new laptop? I bought it 2 weeks ago. It was fine until yesterday. I was playing a game and it suddenly crashed. When I tried to launch the game again it wouldn’t. I think it said "file/location cannot be found" something like that.

I already tried to reset the laptop to factory default and still the HDD won’t show up. Any thoughts on how to fix this? TIA

Lenovo Service Bridge

The Lenovo service Bridge does not detect my serial number, it says we cannot detect your product.

K330a: Add an SSD

i would like to add another ssd on my laptop .. is sata or m2sata ? 


Does C930-13IKB's pen support tilt?

I can’t find any relative info on the web.


If it doesn’t support tilt, is there any pen that supports tilt and can be accomodated in C930’s pen silo?

Active Pen not working when screen folded – Yoga 720

Hello! I have a problem using the active pen on my Lenovo Yoga 720.


When I first bought the computer it worked fine. Now, and I think it might be since a Windows 10 update (not sure though), the pen works fine when the laptop is in its usual position, but once I fold the screen the pen is no longer recognized. The touch screen works fine.


I tried changing the batteries but it still doesn’t work. And when I unfold it back it no longer works until I restart the computer.


If anyone has a solution, it would be great! I’m tired of using my tablet, I bought the Yoga for the pen function…

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