LENOVO k8 …. Heating and bettery drain problem

 After  5 November 2018 update bettery drain very fast.. 2% in 1 minutes approx

And when playing games like subway surf phone heat up quickly around 40°C 

Please please provide update to fix this issues 

ThinkPad SL500 – BIOS Password lost

I do not have the bios password and can not afford to take it to get the password removed. I am having a problem with the hard drive and need to replace it. I have someone that will give me a hard drive and I need to know if I will be able to load windows to the hard drive without being able to  charge the bios? I have not been able to contact lenova to ask this question. 

Thanks for any help

IdeaCentre k300 Upgrade



I have a k300 PC and have recently received some PC parts that friends no longer need/want. I am completely new to the PC building/upgrading community and was hoping someone might be able to tell me if the parts are even compatible. The parts I received and am hoping to upgrade to are: 


VideoCard;NVIDIA GTX 750 TI

Processor;Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge Quad-Core 3.5GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 77W BX80637I73770K Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 4000


Hopefully they are compatible with my k300 but if not any suggestions on  something that could use them would be greatly appreciated!

Yoga 900 abrupt shutdown during boot

I have a Yoga 900-13ISK (built Oct 15) that abruptly powers off within a couple of seconds after powering on.  When attempting to boot normally the Levono banner comes up and there is a message saying "Preparing Automatic Repair" just prior to power off.  If I use the Novo button, I get to the menu screen and then it powers off.  It will not stay on long enough to get to the BIOS menu.  Power indicator and battery LEDs seem work normally – battery is charged.  Doesn’t matter if power cable is plugged in or not.  I found a video that shows the issue that somone else posted.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IsfofE4dBc&feature=youtu.be


I tried off and on for an hour to get the laptop to start unsuccesfully.  I then shook it and tapped on the case, tried again, and it started.  I don’t recall all the messages, but it went through some sort of repair and then looked like it was trying to a Windows update, which it told me failed and it was restoring the original configuration.  


Anybody know what happened here, I am trying to figure out if there is a repair I should go after?  The behavior and shaking it "fix" implies a hardware problem.  I’m well out of warranty and don’t mind taking it apaart if there is something I can see to verify or repair.  Is the Windows update just a coincidence?  The video I found is a year and a half old, so likely not the same Windows update for that guy.  Thanks.



I need help regarding Network issues on y520 in warranty

NOTE:A month ago everything was just fine.

A month ago Network issues like wifi and hotspot ones started showed up on my 3 month old y520. I am not liking them! I have video recordings of whats happening with my laptop too. Factory Reset did solve some problems for a day but next day was just as bad. I’ve tried whatever fixes i could find on the internet but nothing seems to work as no one else had this type of bug ever. Could be a windows problem as i did update my pc when the problems seem to have been started. The problems include: 1) Couldn’t connect to vpn on any network. 2) Couldn’t connect to mobile hotspot (of any phone) sometimes and sometimes my pc says connected and phone keeps switching between 1 device connected/No Device connected at a high rate. Still no vpn = No fortnite here.




Tried reinstalling, uninstalling, updating the network drivers but didn’t do much. Sometimes when i try to connect to college wifi my pc restarts the network drivers (each networks vanish and ethwreth not connected logo comes and then again wifi networks come).


Hard reset doesn’t solve.


Resetting Network solves only the Frequent ‘Cant connect to this wifi’, the problem which is present from the day 1.


Laptop is 3 mos old Lenovo Legion Y520,

i7 7th gen.


Contacting service providers is a tough thing because the closest i am to 1 is 200 miles and i cant just go there and come back here to face the same problems again. And go there again… because this problem seems to go away for sometime and come back again crashing into my gaming life. please…..

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