Lenovo does not have any customer service department!

That is exactly what I was told by one of the tech support assistance. My wife’s chrome book has given up the ghost and was sent for repair over two weeks ago. Finally I receive an email from a third party company looking for £460 to repair a chrome book worth about £200! They rely on that age-old claim of liquid ingress! My wife is a middle-aged secretary and not prone to giving her laptop a drink. The chrome book is only 10 months old and I thought Lenovo were going to repair it but clearly they have some other shady company that they farm the repairs out to. I just can’t believe that Lenovo has such little regard for its customers that it would allow this to happen. If there is a customer support function within Lenovo, please would you contact me and I will give you the details of this matter and hopefully you can help me. This device is still in guarantee and you should not try to avoid the guarantee by behaving like this.

E530 randomly shutsdown with adjusting screen tilt

Recently I had the pleasure of replacing my old thinkpad laptop with a Thinkpad E530. However it wasn’t long till I started having problems again. Never have I seen this happen to any other laptop I ever held in my hands and so I have no idea how to fix the issue.

The laptop for some reason started having these episodes where it would go to sleep in a span of 1 to 5 minutes of idle time despite me working on it. Then it started having this strange ccurance where it would shutdown if I adjusted the laptop screen tilt to see better on it. The onl way to reboot it would be to remove the battery and charger(if I gad it plugged in at the time). The problem then persisted and could be reenacted 100% without fail by judt nudging the screen a bit. 

My asumbtions are that there are wires loose/bad connections with power but I so far failed to locate the problem. 


Hope someone has a solution for this or that I’m not the only one in this, cheers!


PS: as of writing this post it has shutdowned on me 3 times in the past 5 minutes.


P330 Tower duel slot GPU



I am thinking of buying a P330 Tower 

but I want to put an Nvadia RTX 2070 card in it.


Thing its, will this GPU obscure the PCIe X1 slot that is next to the PCIe GPU slot?

I need to use the PCIe x1 slot for a WIGIG card 


Hope someone can help


Kind Regards


Lenovo Vantage broken update

Lenovo Vantage is telling me to install an update. When I have installed the update and restarted it still tells me I have to update. I’ve tried reinstalling the program and the update, but nothing seems to fix it. I can’t change any of the setting in Vantage because of this, so i’m stuck with 60% charge. The version it wants me to install is

Yoga 730 active pen 2

the pen has started to write on the screen when hovering, tried every thing

: Taking out the battery, turning down sensetivity, nothing helps

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