ideapad 700 15ISK-80ru black screen dead

Hi, my ideapad 700 15ISK-80ru got out off battery so i pluged in power adopter to trun it on after that it showed blackscreen with keyboard lights on…its black screen nothings shows. i tried eveything holding power button that discharging thing, checked rams etc… it out of warrant 4 5 month ago. i went to lenovo center to get it fixed and they said they dont have motherboard to replace… i bought it from Dubai i am in Pakistan now this model is not released here. i also went to a Good local Repair Center. tried everything…even bios update but its not working. THe Repair guy there said he need orginal stock bios software .bin file which came built in with boxed pack laptop…that might work… so that why i am here. can anybody provide me original bios file that come in laptop not update version… or any other solution that might work. 

Lenovo ideapad 305 disconnecting from wifi constantly

I have a Lenovo ideapad 305 which I have had for about 18 months. I have constantly had the issue where the laptop will randomly disconnect from WiFi and is then unable to reconnect. I have to turn the laptop off and restart it to reconnect the WiFi and it will then just disconnect again. I have previously sent this to Lenovo to fix but they wiped the whole laptop even when I asked them not to. 


I have uninstalled all the network drives for the WiFi and forgot all the WiFi connection and it still happens. Nothing else I use disconnects except this laptop. 


Is there anything else I can do to fix this issue?


Would advise staying away from Lenovo laptops, it’s been a problem ever since I’ve owned it. 

Safe laptop heat? Can’t detect fan?

So I just bought my Lenovo y520 and I updated to the new BIOS, somehow the OS got corrupted so I got it fixed after some stuff. Now with the fresh instal etc, I was playing Fortnite and noticed the heat was reaching the 70-80 range. What are the ranges for safe temperature? Also hwmonitor doesn’t detect my fans so what do I do?

Yoga 910 80VF Touchpad

This PC was working great until the last windows update was automatically downloaded (ver 1083). Now my touchpad won’t work.


Under the device manager I have an exclamation mark by one of the  I2C HID device’s. I am also not seeing a touchpad option in devices, all I see is a mouse one.


I have downloaded all the recent driver updates from Lenovo but that did not help.


I have also tried resetting windows but again, that did not help.


Has anyone else had this problem?



W520 Dock Questions

So I have both a 433815U (04Y2071) and 433835U (04Y2074) dock. The first is supposed to be the 90W version which doesn’t support Quad Core W520. I bought both versions from ebay and the 04Y2071 seems to be working when I dock my laptop on it. Not sure what to make of it. Both docks have the wedge power connector. The 04Y2071 came with a 90W and the 04Y2074 came with a 170W.


Does the 90W dock just charge slower?

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