Ideapad 530s – Bios update question

For the new bios update for ideapad 530s, one of the changes is: 

“Modify gpu target temperature to 63c on balance mode”


Could someone please tell me what this means? Is the gpu not going to be able to exceed 63c? I don’t want to reduce functionality of the notebook.





Mod’s Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


ThinkPad P52 storage kit



I recently purchased a Thinkpad P52 in the UK and am in the process of moving all my data over from an old macbook pro.  I have a 2tb HDD in the MAC Book pro that I would like to move to the new Thinkpad however I need the barcket and cable so I can install the hard drive.  How can I get this kit I see there is a kit for the P50 and P71 but I don’t see one for the P52.  Is it the same kit for the thinkpad P52?

Upgrade Thinkpad 13 screen to multitouch

I have a Thinkpad 13 G2 Model 20J1-CT01WW with a non-touch lcd screen. I want to replace it with a multi touch screen (FRU#01AV664).


Would this work? Do I need to buy something else?



New Wireless Card for W520

Hey all,


Been doing some research, and it looks like my W520 doesn’t have a Bluetooth-compatible wireless card. I tried enabling it in BIOS, FN+F5 shows no bluetooth; eventually I tried to install bluetooth drivers, but they won’t install because, after all that, my N6205 wireless card just doesn’t support bluetooth.

So, I’m resigned to replaing my wireless card, but I can’t seem to find good info on what part to buy.  I saw Atheros AR9380/AR5BXB112 suggested in an older thread, but the only ones I can find are for Apple.


Any recommendations? I want something that works well and gives me good speeds and Bluetooth audio quality, but rather not break the bank.


Also if anyone knows of a good bang-for-buck graphics card for the W520, I’d be much obliged.

Laptop turns on but display is awfully dim

So I own a G50-80 laptop and what happened is that it is working fine except the screen. For some reason it appears to be the way it would if one would press the f9 key. I’m able to see the display, but barely… Its so dark o can’t even see the cursor or see where I have to type my password…. Ive tried messing with the brightness and f9 key but none of them work. Pls help I got homework on the that pc. ;( 


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