How to change UGLY bios logo on Lenovo Yoga C930-13 or any Yoga with bios 8GCN32WW???

Why there is no any setting reg this in BIOS settings, its ****** ugly, really, good notebook 10/10 but this is ridiculous, I feel shame and gag reflex every time I turn it on. The only way to change as i understood it’s change bios update file and replace image there but maybe there is some normal way to do this?


from THAT:

to, for example:


How to reverse tether from PC to Tab4 8 tablet?

My Pc doesn`t have WIFI ability and I want to share internet from Pc via a USB cable to  Tab4 8 Tablet(TB-8504X) 

via USB cable!


Lenovo K4 Note – Audio Receiver issue

My 3 years old K4 Note just experience problems below.

– In call mic not work. The other party cannot hear my voice. The problem disappear when I switch to speakerphone.

– Something very wrong occur when I plug headset/headphone in, no sound in and out of the headset. Test using Lenovo help diagnostics: speaker passed, mic passed, audio jack passed, receiver failed. Test using ####1111#: audio receiver and headphone test failed (not able to test mic123 since the audio receiver/headphone already failed). The test is like ——v—-v–v (the v is when I hear sound through my headphone and – is static noise).



– I use one headset and one headphone and it work fine on the other phone.

– Test the audio using bluetooth headset and it work fine, no problem at all.

– Maybe it affected, the night before I accidently press uninstall to system app "Device Service" and revert it to factory default.

– Testing in safe mode has no effect, the problems still occur.

– I keep try to avoid factory reset because there are so many things to make up again and will do it as last option.


Thanks you so much for any suggestion and/or solution ?

Factory Reset/Reimage – G550 Lenovo Laptop – Win7, OneKey Recovery Issues

Hello all!


I have an old laptop that is very slow and buggy. I got all of the files I want to keep off of it, so now I would like to get it back to a factory reset condition. I’ve tried using Win7 to restore it, but it only has very recent images of the computer that I can back it up to (no solution), and I don’t have the CDs for a Win7 reinstallation (though I still have the email with the lisence key from ages ago). I’ve tried OneKey Recovery, but it doesn’t find a partition (perhaps someone knows how to point it to the right one?).


Can anyone help me make my laptop "like new?" I am thinking I can get an image from somewhere, just not sure where, and then use that to restore my computer to its original form. Maybe I’ve got to get myself a set of restore discs, but I don’t know the best place to find those. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


Please see the file with 4 screenshots for more details.


Thanks in advance,


Y540 Boot Order

Hello Gurus,


I have this problem. The BIOS always tries to boot from the SATA device, netherless that I have specified to boot from NVME disk.

I change the boot order in BIOS, but next time I restart it boots from SATA again.

I am usining the latest 32 version BIOS.

Anyone facing this problem?


Any advice?

p.s.(I have to hit F12 each time and manually select the NVME)




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