Fan always blowing



I have a Lenovo z50-75 and since several weeks, the cpu fan is still blowing, even when I don’t work on my laptop.


The support can’t help me as it’s out of warranty but I’d like to know whether there is something to do or tools to check this issue.


In the same time, my Windows 64bits, runningn on a brand new ssd, takes a while to boot.

I read on several forums it could be due to cpu configuration or modification.

Is that right ?  When I go to BIOS, there is no options to modify cpu configuration or something else.


Thank you

Yoga L390: Levels of Pressure Sensitivity: 2048 levels or 4096 levels?

There was a previous thread in this forum, started by another Lenovo user with basically the same question. But I am not convinced the answer given was correct!


User "Jack_Lenovo1" answered: 2048 levels with the "Thinkpad Pen Pro".

Now, if I go to this official Lenovo website:

And check "accessories" and choose "machine: NT" and then I go to the "Pens & Supplies" category, that official website suggests two very different Pens with similar names:

1. "Lenovo Thinkpad Pen Pro", the one mentioned in that other thread.

2. "Thinkpad Pen Pro for L380 Yoga" 4X80R07945


Please note that both pens seem to be somewhat different (both in style and in tech specs!), but both carry "Thinkpad Pen Pro" in their name! I don’t think user Jack_Lenovo1 is aware that there is more than one pen!


The 1st has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, the second pen "for L380 Yoga" officially has 4096 levels:


I had also checked other resources, including:

"Worldwide Option Compatibility Matrix (OCM) – July, 2019", a giant Excel file.


This Excel file confirmed compatibility to the pen with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. Obviously this should be the pen that the laptop ships with if you choose a model that ships with a pen – because obviously it is a pen that can be inserted into the laptop so it charges. I think it would make no sense whatsoever if Lenovo shipped this laptop with a pen of 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity if the laptop only supported 2048 levels.


Can you please confirm 2048 or can you confirm 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity for the L390 Yoga?




I kindly ask for confirmation and a definitive answer because I am not satisfied with what I found on this forum so far. Thank you in advance.

Reasoning: I need to buy a new laptop and I need to buy one very very very quickly.


I am hopeful Lenovo actually cares about their customers.




Another thread:

Yoga 730-13IKB: One of the USB-C ports stopped charging.

The USB-C port closest to the montior will not charge the laptop at all.  The light on the side does not turn on, Windows says I’m on battery power even though the (Lenovo) charger is plugged in.


This only happens on the USB-C port closest to the monitor.  The other USB-C port lights up when you plug the charger into it.  Windows will say I’m plugged in.


Troubleshooting steps I’ve already done:

I’ve updated Windows and all Lenovo drivers (including a BIOS update).

I’ve run Lenovo diagnostics.  The only error I got was from "Accelerometer Noise," which I’m assuming happened just because I ran the diagnostics in a noisy room.  In other words, unrelated.

I’ve started the laptop with a Linux Live USB stick plugged in.  Linux Live would not charge from the USB-C port closest to the monitor either.  So it’s not a Windows problem.

Just for giggles, I plugged my Samsung Galaxy USB-C charger into the port closest to the monitor… and the charging light lit up.  Windows said I was plugged in.  Switched to the Lenovo charger – again, nothing.

I pulled out my Jackery Supercharge 26800 PD battery pack (compatible with the Yoga 730 and I’ve never had problem with it).  It works on the USB-C furthest from the monitor.  I plug into the one closest to the monitor and get a connect noise, then an immediate disconnect noise.  Then same problem – no light, no charging.


Little help?  I’m concerned that this could be a preview of larger problems.

Shady business practices and price fixing – X1 Extreme 2

The x1 extreme gen 2 has been available to order on Lenovo’s US site for a few days. So far, only two configurations were available, you can still find them on the wayback machine:

i7 9750H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, FullHD 300nits, ~2000$i7 9850H, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, UHD HDR 500nits, ~2800$

I’m not interested in the UHD display and preferred to wait for a brighter FullHD version, which has also been announced.

Now the prices have gone up like crazy:

i7 9750H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, FullHD 300nits, ~2900$i7 9850H, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, UHD HDR 500nits, ~4000$

The first model seems completely unchanged and is now 900$ more expensive. The second has 16GB more RAM and went up about 1200$ (not even apple charges that much for RAM :P).

Actually, even the second model seems unchanged. The first listing said 16GB Ram (2x 16GB). So I guess they just entered the text wrongly. The two models have simply become ~40% more expensive over night.

Am I missing something here?

T480s and Asus Zenscreen: display settings show 3 monitors and I have on 2

When I plug my Asus Zenscreen into the USB c port and then go to the display settings, it shows that i have 3 monitors when i only have the laptop LCD and the Zenscreen. Is there a way to eliminate the 3rd monitor? I keep losing my mouse pointer on the non-existant monitor.


I have not had this issue on other laptops with the Asus Zenscreen. I included a screenshot. Monitor 1 is my T480s, Monitor 2 is the Zenscreen, and Monitor 3 is a ghost.


Thank you,



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