Yoga Smart Tab – Google Assistant Related FAQs

Q. Do I need a Google account to use Google Assistant features?

A. Yes, you will need to have a Google account and be signed into the Google Home app on the tablet to use the Google Assistant for hands-free control experiences.

Q: What is the Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode?

A: The Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode will turn your tablet into a digital photo frame, allowing you to easily control your music and smart home devices, and quickly access your most important updates while your tablet is charging. Google will release more features for Ambient Mode over time.

Q: How do you set up the Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode ?

A: At initial setup (first make sure you’re signed into your Google account and have an Internet connection), pop out the kickstand or charge your device (ensure the screen is off or locked). You will then be prompted to enable the Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode.
If you don’t see this notification, you can still enable Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode by going to Settings > Google > Search, Assistant & Voice > Google Assistant > Assistant > Assistant Devices (Tablet) > Personalization (Ambient Mode).
In the above menu, you also can turn off the setting that launches Ambient Mode whenever the kickstand opens. Note that leaving the tablet in Ambient Mode (if you’re not charging it) drains the tablet’s battery faster than normal.

Q: How do I switch to the Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode when the device is on?

A: Press the power key to dim the screen or lock the home screen, and then pop-out the kickstand to unlock the Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode. When the device is idle or locked, close the kickstand to exit the Ambient Mode.


Q. When in the Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode, can I use my voice to control the Google Assistant even if I have security on the tablet? A. Yes, you will still be able to access Google Assistant with your voice when you’re in Ambient Mode. You will only need to enter your PIN / password / pattern (assuming you have one set up), when you try to switch back to the Android tablet mode.


Q. Does the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab connect to other smart home devices / products?

A. Yes. It works with any product that features the “Works with the Google Assistant” badge. Currently, there are more than 10,000+ smart home devices across over 1,000+ brands that work with Google Assistant.


Q: What local languages is supported by Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode?

A: For more information about the Google Assistant, including supported languages and changing or adding languages, please go to You also can go to for the current list of languages supported by the Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode.


Q. How does Chrome-casting work on the Yoga Smart Tab?

A. The Yoga Smart Tab only supports Wi-Fi casting, not Chrome-casting.


Q. Does the screen dim when it’s dark during Ambient Mode?

A. Yes. Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode also activates an ambient light sensor that dims the screen when it’s dark.

Yoga Smart Tab FAQs

HW/SW Related Questions

Q. What is the range of the far-field mics?

A. That depends on the volume of your voice, background noise, and volume setting. Your Yoga Smart Tab is designed to be able to hear you from across a large living room.

Q. How many hours of battery life do these tablets offer?

A. Yoga Smart Tab lasts up to 11 hours with Web browsing, and up to 10 hours on video playback (1080p).

Q. What are the on-board storage and expansion options?

A. Expandable to up to 256GB

Q. Can I mute the microphone?

A. No.

Q. Can I shut the camera off when not in use?

A. No

Q What kind of SIM card is compatible with these tablets? (for LTE device only).

A. Micro SIM

Q. What colors are these tablets available in?

A. The Yoga Smart Tab is available in iron grey.

Q. What are the wireless connectivity options?

A. Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Dual Band

Q. Do these tablets come with accessories?

A. The tablet includes a stylish protective sleeve, which will be sold separately.

Q. What Android OS edition with the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab is running on? When will you upgrade them?

A. The Lenovo Smart Tabs are launching with Android Pie. We typically roll out one major update over the lifecycle of our mainstream and premium Android tablets. When an update is available for download, users are notified immediately.

Lenova Yoga 720 15inch Battery Life issues.

Hi, I am just wondering if anyone else has had these problems or if any knows any solutions. The first problem is that the fact that my battery life on my laptop has been reduced. The battery life a year ago when I bought it would give me about 8 years of use when using 50 percent brightness, better battery and light use(eg. chrome). Now, however the battery life lasts about 2 hours which is quite stressful for me because I use my laptop away from an outlet every day. I have also used throttle stop and set speed shift to 255 and also my laptop had balanced settings(control panel) as default. Another issue I have noticed with this laptop is the throttling that occurs when playing games or any intensive programs such like video editing apps. The laptop goes up to 99 degrees and stays there for a little while. The normal temperature is between 70-99 when doing these tasks. This is with an undervolt and turbo boost turned of and performance setting in the BIOS. I know this is quite bad to have high temperatures in a laptop and this issue may be the reason why my battery life has gone down over a few years. I am very grateful for any help and suggestions I may receive. Thank You for taking your time for helping me and I hope I shall receive some help soon…

Stylus for Yoga 2 (10") Windows

Hello 🙂

What stylus do you recommend for this model? I want to start drawing on tablet. Should it be a capacitive stylus or will it be compatible with others?

Lenovo Z6 Pro Telephoto Camera Not Working [ PLEASE READ ] [ IT CAN ALSO BE YOUR PROBLEM ]

Hi all,first of all sorry for my bad english.
I want to report that the telephoto camera of my Lenovo Z6 Pro isn’t working,and i don’t know if it really did from when i bought it,because naturally i supposed that it was working.
But,yesterday evening,playing with Camera app,i setted the zoom level to x2,and I took my finger on the third camera sensor,that supposed to be the telephoto camera,but the image in the screen was still there.

So started to check out this thing,and i didn’t find any option in the camera that use the third sensor of the phone.
So,if you use " Wide ",and put your finger on the first sensor,you get the image black,because is using it.
If you use normal mode,and put your finger on the second sensor,you get the image black,because is using it.

If you set video quality to 1080p,and go to " Video Mode ",and you put your finger on the fourth sensor,you get the image black,because is using it.
If you set zoom 2x,and you put the finger on the third sensor,the image is still working.

So i tried also to move the zoom from 1x to 8x,but none of the setting got the telephoto camera working.
Also i tried all the possible options in the Camera App,but none of them worked.
Please guys check this information with me,and if some of us is capable to get Lenovo know about this thing to get it fixed.
Thank you all.
Have a good day.

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