Yoga C930 Notebook audio equalizer

How can I enable an audio equalizer function (similar to a "graphic equalizer") to customize sound by specific frequency ranges? Such functionality was built-in with the Realtek audio driver that was pre-installed on my 2010 Lenovo laptop, but I can’t find it on my 2018 Yoga.

Lenovo Gaming Laptop lagging after Windows Creators UPDATE



So, my Lenovo Y700 (i5, 960M) started to lag after this Windows Creators update, when I put my charger my CPU goes from 10 to around 90%, but when It’s unplugged it’s normal. So when I’m playing some games my laptop is working better without the charger but when I put on my charger everything starts to LAG! My fps with charger 50 fps and without charger: 90 fps! I also tried the power options and nothing really worked.


I also did a factory reset of my Windows and nothing worked.



If anyone knows what to do please help,


Thank you



Can I use Facebook on my Lenovo Smart Display with Google assistant? If so how do I set it up?

Lenovo Yoga 710 Limited Warranty Clarification

Is a hinge failure and screen damage resulting from the faulty hinge covered under the standard limited warranty? It seems like it counts as "customer induced damage" according to other people’s experiences, but I would think that if a failure occurs with normal use of the product, it should be covered.

My Lenovo Y500 is stuck in boot loop

So a few months back I updated my Lenovo Y500 to Windows 10 after I had factory reset it back to Windows 8.1. The update got stuck in 64% For days and my brother took out the charger without me noticing so whenver I start it the Lenovo Logo shows up, it says preparing then the Windows update screen shows up saying "64%" for a few seconds and then it just continues that way. 


Please help me, what should I do?

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