X1 Carbon 3rd Gen Touch Screen

Hi – Few days ago while fixing the hinges on my X1 Carbon 3rd Gen, I damaged the cable connecting to touch screen. There used to be 2 connectors on my screen – one for the main display and other for the touch panel. The touch panel connector was damaged and fell off. 


Can someone guide on if there is a replacement cable and how to fix? 

Lenovo V510-15IKB (Bios update issue)

Hey Ladies/Gents, 


I have a Lenovo V510-15IKB (Windows 10 64bit) which has been running well until there was a critical BIOS update version available (2WCN40WW). Since this available update my battery stopped responding now I have to keep my AC in to get power, battery will not charge and is on 0% (not sure if this issue related to BIOS update). I tried performing the update through Lenovo vantage and it says successfully updated (doesn’t reboot by itself) but when I reboot it and scan it again it says I should update my Bios. I have also downloaded and updated my BIOS from the website (no automatic reboot again) and the same issue. Currently my laptop would switch off randomly and effecting everything currently.


If someone can please help me/give some direction I would appreciate it a lot. (I am a newbie in this area.)



Blank screen after bios update in B490

After bios update in B490 getting screen is blank and how to get back normal stage thourgh update bios again by USB flash.


No warranty and the laptop is provided by goverment.


Since one month my laptop is same condition.


i need correct troubleshooting from lenovo technical staff.


Thank you very much………………..

Battery replacement for zuk z2 plus

Can I get a better experience when I replace my zuk z2 plus battery with new one??

I have to hold my keys for 3sec for them to work

I have to hold my keys for 3sec for them to work. I  have a yoga720. How to fiks this? pleac help me.

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