Touchpad and Trackpad not working

Hello all


Since 2 days my touchpad (inclusive the buttons) and my trackpad aren’t workinig anymore. They are enabled and in the device manager under "mice and other pointers", there is no touchpad to be found.


Do you have any idea what could have caused this problem?


Thank you very much!

Lenovo Vantage/settings/companion are not opening

they are showing an error and asked me to update.even after updating and a system restart these applications are not opening. i have enabled conservation mode on settings and now im unable to turn it off because the apps are not opening please help.

Best way to centrally deploy Spectre and Meltdown fix



In our company we are using Lenovo T470s laptops and we want to prepare a plan to deploy the fix for Spectre and Meltdown, I’m following the official Lenovo website and checking for updated information


Can anyone tell me what would be the best sproach to centrally patch all your clients?

My first thought is to use SCCM, but maybe Lenovo already has some tool of it’s own that we could utilize? Like the Lenovo System Update tool, coult it be an option? Can it be controlled via scripting?

Please let me know your reccomendations?



Does the T 470s have any safety feature for BIOS if remote BIOS flash would go wrong?

Yoga 3 Pro flickering connection to projector

I work for a local community college part-time and this semester I’m having a serious projector issue. When I connect to the HDMI port with my micro-HDMI to HDMI adapter and turn on the classroom projector (Epson Power Light Pro) My screen projects perfectly for a couple of minutes and then starts flickering on and off like it would if cord was loose, the only problem is the cord isn’t loose.


Here’s what I know/ have tried: 

– The Projecter maintains a consistant connection with other devices through the same port (Campus IT double checked this for me and I’ve see it myself)

– I’ve tried two different adapters and the same issue happens. 

– Both adapters connect fine to my moniter at home (I can’t even force a disconection by wiggling the cord around)

– The laptop also connects perfectly to a moniter.

– The laptop was connecting fine to the same brand of projector and same adapter last month. 

– Changing the resoution on the laptop doesn’t seem to make a difference.


I’m totally stumped and I’m willing to try any solutions… aside from throwing my computer out the window, which is very tempting! 


Thank you all so much!


Yoga 3 Pro flickering connection to projector

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