ThinkStation S30 Pre-Spectre/Meltdown BIOS Link (type 4351, 4352)

I am looking for the latest ThinkStation S30 BIOS released before the Spectre/Meltdown microcode updates.  Unlike other product lines, older BIOS files are not listed on the Lenovo support page for the S30.  Does anyone have a link or a copy of an older BIOS?

HELP lenovo Z6 pro NO BOOT after UPDATE

Hello there ! yesterday my father contact me about his new Z6 pro , he want to change the call music but it doesn’t change !!!!

paramater correctly applied and the phone never use the good sound music when i call … this is why i recommand to do system update on the smartphone z6 pro …

my father try it , but the phone never come back in normal state ! after that when i try to do recovery mode the phone stay black screen and when i try to boot the phone normaly the logo LENOVO blink repeatly… and on this way it’s hard to shut down the phone !

please help me i need to do a rom back on this phone because it doesn’t work now !! please help


best regard

I need help with my Y740

So as the tite says i need help, as it also says i have a Y740. What i need help with is that my Y740 is a little weird when it comes to the speakers. So a little story: last week (40) i installed the new drivers for realtek, didn’t think anything would happen because driver updates are made to make the system better. But! something did happen, my Subwoofer is now **bleep**ed, i’ve been trying everything i know about. But when it playes hard bass it makes a sound (drdrdrdrdrddrdrdrdrd) really hard but low levelled, so if anyone has an idea what it is, Plss help me, i love this computer too much to not use the speakers

Flex 5 NVMe boot drive disappearing then reappearing after multiple boot attempts

I own a Lenova Flex 5-1570 that has encountered the following situation twice now, once in January 2019 and again in Sept. 2019. The Toshiba THNSN5512GPUK NVMe SSD that is the boot drive suddenly "drops out" (fails to be recognized by Windows), resulting in the blue screen error "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart".  When I restart I get a boot failure: "Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed. Insert recovery media and hit any key."  I tried using a Windows 10 Recovery USB drive to diagnose the system or recover it, but that got me nowhere.  I could get to a DOS prompt, but when I tried to change to the C: drive I get "File not found".  The system just no longer recognizes the drive. 


After several reboots, all of a suddenly it started working again, as normal as can be.  I spent a few hours trying to run Lenova  and Windows diagnostics on the system and do other research, but no problems could be found.


I suspect an intermittently failing NVMe drive.  The laptop is still under a Costco extended warranty (thankfully), but before I ship it off I was wondering if the NVMe firmware can be updated.  I spent over an hour scouring the internet (and Lenova’s website) trying to find out if or how I can update the firmware.  Alas Lenova has no information about this. (And getting their automated driver detect tool to work was a pain.)


I did find one report of a similar-sounding problem on a Dell forum (something about drive fails to recognize after power loss), and they provide a tool to update the firmware (they use the same drives apparently), but I didn’t want to try it on this Lenova.  I couldn’t find anything useful on the Toshiba website either, just a firmware update for OCZ SSD’s, which is not compatible with mine.


Does anybody know of a way to download and update the firmware on this SSD?


Thank you very much.

W540 stuck on Lenovo Logo

My W540 (type BG) won’t boot, and won’t go into Bios

F1: Entering Setup – just hangs

F11: Launching the Recovery Utility – just hangs

F10: Entering Lenovo Diagnostics – just hangs

F<anything else> – no effect

WIN +B,R,Esc – no effect

Fn + B,R,Esc – no effect

I’ve tried different hard drives, removing the battery, clearing the CMOS (remove battery), holding the Power Button for 30 seconds after holding power for 1 sec 10 times, removing CD, ram (using 1, 2,4 modules – 0 modules gives no RAM beep codes). I tried creating a BIOS update Boot CD from LENOVO BIOS update but this won’t boot.


My laptop did reboot earlier 2 twice, once when resetting RAM, and once when removing CD.

Third time it’s stuck.

I haven’t got my Serial number any more – supposed to be stored in BIOS but I can’t read it.

I can read the 2 BIOS chips with a EEPROM programmer, and if I new the Serial Number, perhaps I could get proper BIOS bin files to reflash the BIOS and try that. 


Is there some way to determine what the Serial Number is from a BIOS dump of the 2 BIOS chips?

The last BIOS update I used was gnu34us.







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