Thinkpad X 1 Yoga 4th generation

Greetings to all, On the internet for what does WWAN refer to ? Thank you

Need my refund ASAP



I had returned my laptop back on 24th October (within the 14 day window after i purchased the laptop) and I had not even opened the box;  and the depot in the Netherlands received the item on 25th October.  The return was received and confirmed by TNT. The return address was FLEX/LENOVO RMA addressed to NOBELSTRAAT 10, Phase 9, LENOVO Merge Center, Oostrum, 5807 GA, Region 306, Country: NL Tel. No. 0478 518000The order number was 11639593239.


Ever since then I have been trying to get the money back from Lenovo. The worst part is – the customer service personnel keep telling me that they had it escalated. Nothing has happend since I wanted for 48 hours timeframe they asked for twice. Today is the 3rd attempt. Again got the same reply. I had to sound desperate for getting £1261.56 back. It’s a lot of money. Even the request for credit note has not been raised by the service centre or Finance team. Such irresponsible behaviour should be questioned and customer should not have to suffer due to the inefficiency of departments concerned. Please expedite this problem and get the refund ASAP. 

i mistakenly unistalled my yoga 510 keyboard and cant reinstall

hi, i am really hoping i will finally get help here. So i use a Lenovo yoga 510 14ISK touchscreen laptop and the keyboard just stopped working since Wednesday last week. immediately i noticed it and went to try get solutions on youtube when i accidentally uninstalled the "Standard PS/2 keyboard"! So till this moment, i have not been able to reinstall the software/driver and its really becoming frustrating. please, i need help…Uche

Lenovo L390 Yoga GPU failure

After the latest Windows 10 update, my L390 has a visual problem(see attachement). I have tried to restore the old GPU-driver but no succes. Updates thru Lenovo Vantage have no effect. I tried diagnosing the problem with Lenovo Service Bridge, but no problem was detected.


Lenovo IdeaPad 120S Doesn't Start Up After Updating to Windows 10

Back in May of this year, I had a Microsoft Support Agent remotely repair my laptop. I had been having storage issues with it and it kept prompting me to update to Windows 10 or everything would stop working. I finally gave in because, at the time, it was the laptop I used for my college assignments. So I contacted Windows Support, told them what was up, and the agent diagnosed and "fixed it." My laptop was okay after that for about half a day? I started it up after that and it blue screened me. Then it shut off and restarted. Got to the Lenovo start up screen and never moved from there. I had that thing sitting for about 12 hours on the charger just in case it finally started up. Spoiler: it never did. I have no clue what’s going on with it. I don’t know what the agent did to my laptop, but I can’t get ahold of Lenovo support because apparently their chat service isn’t available in the US? I tried Microsoft support and the agent gave me the recovery info, but told me I should contact Lenovo about this. So here I am, with a paperweight for a laptop and millions of questions.


Also, when I do get it started up, it goes into Preparing Automatic Repair modeand tells me "Your PC did not start correctly." Then it gives me the option to restart it, which takes me to the everlasting Lenovo start up screen, or "Advanced options." I’ve tried those options but it never fixes it. So I have no idea what the hell happened during this update.


Thanks a lot, Pamela. This one’s for you.


If anyone could possibly help, preferably an agent, that would be great. I don’t care THAT much about the laptop, but it was a Christmas gift for when I started college and I would prefer to not have it sit and collect dust anymore. 

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