RAM Sockets and GPU removal on T480

Hi Folks,

I am looking at a new T480 (not T480s) as a potential work replacement.  I have used Thinkpads off and on since the late 1990s, and am currently using a T460.  I am a Linux user (Ubuntu).

I see from specifications listings at Lenovo that the T480 has two (??) SO-DIMM memory sockets.  My T460 has one, and also has RAM soldered onto the Motherboard.  I would like to verify with another T480 owner that it does in fact, have two SO-DIMM sockets rather than one DIMM socket plus on board RAM.


Some of the T480s (specifically the i7-8650u model) have a Nvidia GPU.  I don’t need this GPU and see it as something that really could just add battery drain without any benefit.  Can I just remove this GPU?  I see tear down videos of T480s models and it looks like it could be removed altogether.

Thank you for any help.  In spite of being slightly larger and heavier than my current T460, the new T480 looks like a power user’s dreams come true.  Just need to confirm the two things above to finalize my decision.

ideapad 320e -Upgrade Hd Tn to FHD Tn panel


I’ve been trying to get info on upgrading My laptop Hd ready tn panel fo FHD tn panel / Ips Fhd .Can it be done somehow?


I searched on internet but in vain …So please guide me how can upgrade this particular model in india.


Ideapad 320e i5 .

My lenovo Ideapad 520 shutdown abruptly and not turning ON.

After working 30 mins on my laptop it got shutdown aburuptly and am unable to start it again . Pls help in resolving the issue.

Lenovo Tab 4 10 plus Android 8.1 update?

Why Lenovo leaving users on his most expensive tablet without update to Android 8.1. I bought this device because it had Android 7.1 as standard firmware and as it is new device it should be updated to next generation OS. It’s surprising and disapointing that cheaper models get update . Shame on you Lenovo . Seems like you don’t care about all of you customers but selected one’s.

Lenovo K3 Note – camera issue

Hi everyone!


My sister has a Lenovo K3 Note (K50-t5) since last Christmas. She was quite happy with her new phone, but few days ago a grave problem has appeared.


When she opens camera app, only front camera is available to use – but the view is upside down. There is no way to switch to rear camera. We tried to use various camera apps, but nothing works.


She hasn’t done any updates recently and hasn’t installed any new apps. The problem appeared unawares. How can I fix it?


I’m counting on Your help. Greetings

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