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Oreo/Android 8.0 update ever coming?

Yoga 720 Keyboard Randomly "Sticks"

I have a Yoga 720 laptop purchased at the start of the year. I’ve been having intermittent keyboard issues with it since the day I bought it (usually a couple times a week). It seems like occasionally one of the modifier keys (I can’t figure out which one) will get "stuck" not physically but logically, causing some other keys to activate random functions instead of typing their corresponding letters.


Sometimes I can fix this by repeatedly mashing multiple modifier keys at once until the problem goes away, but most of the time I have to reboot the computer to fix it. It’s clear this is either a driver or software issue because the problem always goes away after a reboot and usually won’t appear for another few days. It’s definitely aggravating to say the least, as sometimes it will start happening when I have work open and I will be forced to use the mouse or touchscreen to save all open work and reboot it given that most keyboard shortcuts stop responding properly.

ThinkStation Support – Phone – Is it available?

Can someone tell me if there is a direct phone number for ThinkStation support? 


If not, can I purchase an extended or upgraded warranty that will give me direct access to an English speaking US representative?  I can do this with HP, however I want to switch to, and stay with Lenovo ThinkStation systems – but support on the phone is terrible.


I just placed an order for several ThinkStation P920 systems (~$3500 each) and have had some technical issues. 


It is not easy to get in touch with someone directly (think HP Elite Support – which is US based and you get personal representative) via phone.  I have to call the main support number, push a bunch of numbers and follow a phone system structure that does not make any logical sense – there is no option for ThinkStation.  Once I do get to someone they think the ThinkStation is a ThinkServer.  When I did get to someone on the phone they were not at all proficient with ThinkStation or workstation technology.  Can someone please help here?  Urgent!!!  


p.s.  I do not feeling like posting on the forums either, I need a technical support expert on ThinkStations.

L430 ThinkVantage Fingerprint error

I get two area codes:


E7210001 The Dependency service or group failed to start

                   An internal error occurred (bpwb:bp-wb-dpi-ed-wbebu(8007042c)


Windows 7 Ult x64 


I run a custom verison of windows with tweakes and serives disabled, I have gone thur and and enabled many with it still not working.


Does anyone know what services are needed or what the error means so I can get this working?

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