Miix 320 will not turn on, returning to retailer not an option, help appreciated

Greetings all

In december of last year I bought (Amazon) a Lenovo Miix 20 for my niece. Worked fine until a week ago, when it just stopped turning on or loading. The black light on the power button sure lights up, but after that, nothing at all. Tried the "power – volume up button" thing, nada.


The reason I can´t return this tablet is well, we are in Honduras, Central América. Bought the tablet via Amazon and had it shipped to our country. Sending it back would cost us way more than what we paid for it! 


I hope similar instances of this happening have been solved, and that the community might help us. As I said, either we find a solution here or we have ourselves a dead tablet, since sending it back is not really a feasible option.


Thanks in advance to all


X230 Tablet BIOS v2.71 (newest) issues

The BIOS does not appear well tested for the tablet version (perhaps it was just copied over from the non tablet version).


For example:

[Config] – [Display] – [Boot Display Device] 

None of the options work except "ThinkPad LCD".

To make matters worse (and further to my hypothesis above) it contains list entries for "Digital 2 on dock".  There is no official dock that supports the Tablet version with two Digital outputs.


Because of these BIOS issues, when I am docked with my screen closed, none of my monitors show anything until the OS GUI drivers take over.  I have a multi OS setup and I sometimes need to see what is going on.


Can someone please help me alert the BIOS team that there are some differences between the Tablet and non tablet versions of the X230 and that they should / need to be accounted for in the BIOS?




Raid volume on lenovo thinksystem sr630 not read when installing SUSE 12 SP2



I need help for my problem when installing SUSE 12 SP2 the Raid volume not show to install. 

G500s how do I keep it up to date from lenovo's page when windows 10 it isn't listed as an option?

I bought a used 80AV59373026 with windows 10 operating system installed. When I go to the lenovo page and it shows all the available downloads or the option to check for updates. Windows 10 in not an option in the drop down menu to select my operating system. How do I know I have the latest updates?

I also have a Lenovo 720ikb that came pre loaded with Windows 10, when I go to lenovos support page how do I know when I look at the list of downloads  available am  I suppose to pick all of them? I don’t know which of these to download.


Thanks in advance!

Thinkpad X1 Carbon 3rd Gen Windows 10 – constant DPC Watchdog Violations & Complete Freeze Up



I have a 3rd generation Thinkpad X1 Carbon running Windows 10.  I’ve run the lenovo vantage hardware scan and it comes back clean – I’ve assumed some of the symptoms I am seeing would be consistent with a failed hard drive but the hard drive comes back ok with the hardware scan.


When I turn on my computer, often it freezes on startup (while the round icon is spinning on bootup in windows 10).  When this happens, I have to hard power the computer off completely.  Once booted up, the PC will function well at times, then other times it will suddenly freeze completely to the point that I have to hard power it down.  I also intermittently get the Windows blue screen with a DPC Watchdog Violation warning.


At times, when starting up, Windows goes to the automatic repair screen.  When it does this, I have tried to do startup repair.  When I do this, I get the following error "Startup repair couldn’t repair your PC" followed by text stating that a log file has been placed in "D:WindowsSystem32…."  I do not have a D drive on my PC, only a C drive and a Q (lenovo recovery).


If I do a complete reset of windows (i.e. boot from a windows 10 flash drive, and install a fresh version of Windows 10 while retaining programs and files), the symptoms seem to go away for a few hours before returning.


Any ideas on what this issue might be?


Thank you very much.

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