Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2-1050L – blinking WiFi icon problem

I noticed that weird, requiring tablet reboot behavior before, but only in the last few days this has become less of an annoyance and more of a problem, blocking my tablet from accessing the Internet.

My tablet is configured to use WiFi of my ISP router as the preferred network. However since yesterday, when I boot the tablet, the WiFi icon in settings is doing nothing but blinking. As probably everyone who has run into the blinking WiFi icon on Lenovo Yoga 2 tablets knows, there is nothing absolutely to be done, except rebooting the tablet – you cannot turn off WiFi while the icon is blinking. It just sits there, blinking, till rebooting.

The only workaround is to turn off my ISP router, reboot the tablet, and let it connect to the Internet via a shared connection from my HTC phone (using my mobile operator data connection to the Internet), but the ISP router must be turned off when my Lenovo tablet is rebooting. Funny thing is my HTC phone has never had a problem with WiFi of the ISP router.

Has anyone resolved the problem of the blinking WiFi icon, even after rebooting? It is beyond annoying, it is a design flaw that should have been addressed by the manufacturer with a system update. As far as I am concerned, one of the tablet’s main functions stopped working without a known reason.

HOWEVER – Lenovo isn’t providing system updates or security updates to that tablet model. My Android security patch level is 2016-03-01, which is kind of funny, because I purchased the tablet on 2014-04-09 with 2 year warranty. Not a single system update since then. Is Lenovo dumping its old hardware on certain EU countries and not giving a **bleep** about service? They wouldn’t get away with such business practice in the US.

slow performance after 20 minutes on gta 5 (y520 151kba)

I recently bought Grand theft auto 5 and use very high settings in shaders quality, texture quality and particles quality and the rest of them is on normal.in the first 20 miniutes I get around 60 fps which I like about it, but after 20 miniutes I get around 20 fps. When I reset the game its still on 20 fps. I try scaning for driver updates or turning off the laptop and pushing the power button for 45 seconds (found both of those solutions in the forums) when I do the performance goes back up but then the same thing happens after 20 miniutes.It is getting very annoying and I also tried using extreme cooling which did not work either, could I please get some help?

How to keep keyboard backlight on after sleep

Can’t figure out how to keep the keyboard backlight on after coming back from sleep mode on a Yoga 3 14 (1470). I have an Ideapad U430 and keyboard backlight comes on after sleep but that doesn’t happen on a Yoga 3 14. Couldn’t find any settings in BIOS or Windows power management.

Anyone had to send computer in twice for repair

I have had my computer back from repair just over month & keyboard has stopped working again.  I tried all the "solutions" , all the scans yet keyboard doesn’t work on my flex 5.  Again.  It takes 15 days for Geek Squad to send it to be fixed and get back to me.  Their agreement with Lenova doesnt allow on site repair since I ordered from Lenova site.  My roomate has cheap Toshiba hasnt had problem in 7 years.  I have been loyal to Lenova, love my moto phone.  Did I get bad computer or has other people had to send in for repairs over and over?  Has anyone had Lenova replace junk computer with new one?  It is under warranty, havent dropped or spilled anything on it, it is only 3 months old.  Is this a problem that isnt fixable?  2 new parts were installed during previous fix.  My computer will have spent more time in shop than I have had been able to use it.  I wanted to buy Yoga, couldnt afford it, settled for Flex and regretting the decision.  Is this going tobe recurring problem? I hate typing on screen keyboard!!

regarding extreme cooling in ubuntu

How do we activate extreme cooling in ubuntu?

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