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I bought a Lenovo Yoga 910, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD 4K laptop in September 2017. I’ve had no major issues with it until the past few days.


What is happening is that when I’m watching a video, on seemingly any player, after a while the screen starts going crazy, it’s fairly hard to describe so I’ll link a video to it.




Once that starts to happen, any time I mouse over anything the screen flickers, and anytime I open anything (e.g. an internet tab/the start menu) it goes back to the original freak out style. If I manage to minimise everything and sit on the home screen with the mouse not touching any icons then the screen is fine. 


I feel like there was an update fairly recent prior to this starting, so whether that is the cause or not I’m not sure.


I’m a standard computer user, so for information that is required I’ll likely need pointing out how exactly I go about finding said information or performing said task if it’s not pretty basic. 


Thanks in advance for any advice.



IdeaPad 320E 80XV00PKIN with AMD A9 9420 facing Video_tdr_failure (atikmpag.sys)

After installing Windows 10 64 bit. I have choosed to update all the drivers first, then updated all the drivers one by one from pcsupport.lenovo.com. After the update of VGA driver I’m facing Video_tdr_failure (atikmpag.sys) error. When ever i tries to open office or any lite game windows tries to refresh the screen but after a minute of trying it throws an error by the name of Video_tdr_error. I have tried by removing and reinstalling the VGA driver. Please help me out guys.

Miix 2 10" touchscreen failure



The touchscreen feature regularly stops working on my Miix 2 10". Same problem under W8.1 or W10 (I reverted to W8.1, anyway). Usually shutting down the tablet solves the problem (but a simple rebbot won’t).


I’ve seen the topic with the very same problem for the 8" version of the tablet, with a hardware fix. But the 10" version is completely different, so the tutorial is not applicable.


Any idea to fix the problem on the 10" version ?




I am faceing with a problem with my x240 thinkpad. I want to boot it up but it didn’t. I noticed strange sounds, it was the hdd. I’ve tried to boot it up with a new one and enter the bios. It was stuck on the lenovo screen for a few minutes without any response, after it dissappeared and it showed up an icon requesting a password or code I guess. Please help me!



Mod’s Edit: updated model information in Subject line and moved post to the correct forum


Projector suddenly not working

I bought a yoga tab 3 pro just over a week ago has been working fantastic. Yesterday while watching a movie with projector it suddenly went off and won’t turn back on screen and everything else works fine when pressing the button to turn on it confirms I want to turn on and focus appears but no projection??? Gutted

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