lenovo vibe shot charging when phone is off

I would like some insight on a problem that I am having with a Lenovo Vibe Shot Z90.

The problem is that the phone will not charge while it is turned on. It does not even "see" the USB cable getting plugged in. If I turn it off however, it charges just fine, all the way up to 100%. I also noticed that the battery drains faster, for no apparent reason, without any apps running. It most definitely is not a software problem, I did a hard reset at first, it did not work and then, just to be sure, I even flashed the latest official ROM using QFIL. USB is not recognize in my pc

Do you reckon there is any possibility that the problem is caused by the battery, or is it definitely mainboard-related? If there is any chance that replacing the battery will solve the problem, I could order one online and I am competent enough to replace it myself, but I do not want to get into an ordeal if there is not even a remote chance that it would fix the problem.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you in advance.

graphic card for p910

I have a P910 thinkstation with a nvidia quadro p2000 graphics card I see that I have another port to be able to add a graphic card, my question is whether it has to be the same graphics card or can I combine them with a quadro p4000 or P5000 etc? Is it possible to do it? These are my work station specifications. I hope you can help me resolve my question thank you. two Intel Xeon E5-2609 Processor v4 (8 cores, 20MB Cache, 1.7GHz) Windows 10 Pro 64 Windows 10 Pro 64 English P910 Motherboard – Dual CPU 128GB 2400MHz ECC RDIMM   NVIDIA Quadro P2000 5GB 4xDP High Profile Intel Integrated Controller Yes 1TB Hard Drive, 7200RPM, 3.5 ", SATA 1 Rambo8 DVD Burner / CD-RW SATA Integrated 9-in-1 Multimedia Card Reader 2x port Integrated Ethernet Intel 7260 AC Wifi Card LineCord – US Tower 1300W 92% Publication – English

Lenovo k8 plus default app lick and network speed ivon

Dear sir 

      I have already give a review about this two feature many times, but till now it’s missing in latest update though it’s I very important feature in now a days 

    And one more thing  is that camera result is not so good and depth mode is not properly working 

    Because of this feature many people avoid to choose this device 

      So I request you again to add these two feature in Lenovo k8 plus and upgrade the camera result



Erazer X700 New SSD install



I purchased an SSD (Samsung 860 Evo 500gb) to add extra storage to my system; however, I stupidly did not check my system to see if it included extra SATA III cables or screws for mounting the drive when it arrives.  I cannot find anything in the support documentation, and while I know I could just pop it into the hot swap bays, the bays do not have screws and I have yet to purchase them (I’m assuming M3 screws, but then 5 or 6mm?).  So…to help out me in my idiocy, are there extra internal SATA III cables so I can just pop the SSD into one of the bays inside, or do I need to go hunting for either a mounting kit, some screws and/or some extra SATA III cables?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

LenovoEMC™ px4-300r share folder missing

The CCTV folder missing after clicking. It shows me the shared cctv does not exist.


May I what is the cause?

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