Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN new RAM compatibility


I want to upgrade my RAM from 4 GB to 16 GB, and I was wondering, if this will be good for my Y520?

Kingston 8GB DDR4 2400MHz HyperX Impact Black SODIMM


I know that I have to buy pairs, but I can not find anywhere if it is a 260pin version.


Thanks for your help in advance!

Built-in camera only shows grey screen


When I open the Camera app, the light by the camera illuminates, but all I get is a grey screen (See photo): no working camera. I have tried literally everything on every Lenovo and Microsoft forum I could find (uninstalled, reinstalled, updated drivers, tried generic drivers, used Lenovo software, turned off privacy setting, used device manager to remove then rebooted, used code in Admin command line, and everything else, with no success. Any help??

ThinkCentre M78 systems blowing mainboard capacitors

I’m wondering if anyone has experienced Lenovo ThinkCentre systems blowing mainboard capacitors.  We have many (~350) ThinkCentre M78 systems and are starting to see this occur.  What typically happens is the system will no longer power on even though it’s clearly getting power (Ethernet leds on).  Unplugging the power cable, then plugging the power cable back in is followed by sparks and bright flashes of light inside the case, plus a burning electrical smell from inside the system and some smoke.  Further inspection reveals several surface mounted multi-layer ceramic capacitors blown.  See attached image where I’ve circled them in red.


I guess I’m wondering if this might be a design flaw or a case of defective capacitors having been used in these systems.  We also have many (~150) ThinkCentre M72e systems that have been in use a year or two longer than our M78 systems and no such issues like this on those.  I’m also wondering if the systems can just continue to be used even after this happens.  It seems like after the caps are blown the system otherwise works okay.  In doing some research into surface mounted multi-layer ceramic capacitors failing on mainboards it seems some of these caps are used for "noise filtering" of voltage and as such, not critical to operation unless hardware is being pushed, such as by overclocking, which isn’t the case here.  I’ve done some stress testing of the CPU and memory on a system that this happened on and it seems stable.  Anyway, just looking for some feedback.  Thanks!


Yoga 530-14ARR wifi upgrade

Hi I have a yoga 530-14ARR and i want to change the onboard wifi module.

For now I have a realtek 8821CE LAN 802.11Ac PCI-E NIC

and i want to put something like Intel 9560NGW double bande 802.11ac 2.4G/5 Ghz 1.73 Gbps carte WiFi BT 5.0 .

Do you know if this module is ok. If not do you know a better module than the realtek 8821CE that i can put in my yoga 530???



Does anyone know how to reinstall ix2-ng (Iomega) ?

After power outage I lost my both HDDs SAS Raid 1. I have bought two new disks Seagate Barracuda Model: st1000Dm003 (Qualified).

Is there any way to put the Lenovo image on these disks ?

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