Hello i have the lenovo ideapad 100-15ibd and i would like to know if there will be an update bios file with the new microcodes intel has provided(with spectre security). There is a bios dated 5 july 2018 to download in the support page but it doesnt have the updated microcodes.(very recent bios why it doesnt have them? :smileysad:)

X1 Carbon Gen 6 Battery Run Time

I also just bought the Carbon X1 gen #6. I’m getting 3 to 4 hours of battery life…that’s less than my 3.5 year-old Lenovo T440S. Do I have a defective battery? I thought it’s suppose to last over 10 hours.


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Syncit error lenovo s650

Hi im using lenovo s650..i just do factory reset yesterday..i want to restore my contact from syncit..but it keep showing network error please retry hundreds of time..please help me..i really need to restore my contact..


Feature Request: TrackPoint "delta" variable configuration

So, TrackPoints currently determine "zero" based on no discernible change in pressure during a "delta" second period. Some people have a lot of screen real estate, which leads to very frequent experiences where the mouse pointer will "go back" because the pressure is zeroed. I’d like to increase the interval from the default 1000ms or so to about 4000ms, maybe implement a slider in Vantage?

Y700 – Computer wont start after having attempted to switch hdd to ssd

 Hi, so I am really not sure on how to post in forums, so I am just gonna try and post here and hope for the best.


So as the topic says, I have attempted to switch a HDD with a SSD in my Lenovo Y700 laptop. Now, it worked perfectly before this and I just wanted my computer to be faster, hence why I boutht a SSD.

I found multiple videos and tutorials about how I do this and I followed all of them from a to z. I put everything back together and my computer looked completely fine. However, now it will not turn on again and there is no sign of life. I have it connected to power but my computer does not show it is connected to a power source. This is really annoying as the SSD I bought is not especially cheap and this bump in the road is really slowing down my work. Can anyone help me?


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