Is it possible to use either of these two RAM sets on the Ideacentre y700-34ish 90df007buk?

Ideapad 320 – My Ideapad is downloading really slow

I bought an Ideapad 320 a few days ago but the download speeds are really weird. I am downloading onto my SSD which sometimes has download speeds of 50+ Mb/S but right now it is at 27Kb/s. Why is it so slow I am on the same network as before.


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How to update Lenovo B590 Bios on DOS?



How can I update BIOS on DOS?

I read this post:


and this:


I found how to create bootable usb on Linux for FreeDos. But I can’t add any file to that usb without clear instruction. I think I was able to add bios file for a few times via Debian instructions here: But DOS says something like this "the exe file can be run under Win32"


Debian, Ubuntu and Linuxmint give hardware errors on boot.

I think if I update BIOS it should be solved.


Current BIOS: H9ET69WW (1.06 ) Release Date: 11/15/2012

Latest BIOS I want to install: H9ET92WW


My second question is that if I update BIOS, should I also update UEFI? If yes, how can I do it? Because Linux or 64 bit Linux uses UEFI only.


To Lenovo staff: I particularly bought Lenovo laptop as I heard Lenovo is one of the few brands that can run Linux. But Lenovo doesn’t provide BIOS update for Linux. There is only microcode for Linux and it’s not sufficient to call Lenovo as a Linux friendly laptop brand.


I appreaciate your answers.



SA120 issues with Win2kR2 Datacenter Edition

I have an SA120 hooked up via a LSI SAS9200-16E card to a Dell T110 server running Win2kR2 Datacenter Edition.


This past weekend, I added a bunch of drives to the SA120, so it’s now sporting 9x4TB Western Digital "Red" NAS drives.


Using Windows Storage Spaces, I created a single drive of about 30TB and mapped it to Z:


All the other machines on the network were able to see the Z: drive. I started moving some files to it.


This morning, nothing — none of the machines on the network can see the share, and the server itself doesn’t see it.


I rebooted the Windows server, no change. The Storage spaces program was seeing the raw drives but not the virtual disk itself.


I rebooted the SA120 with the Dell T110 still booted, no change.


I rebooted the Dell T110 again, and now Storage Spaces can’t even see the drives.


I really, really want to recover the information (about 2TB worth) on those drives.


I’m not very experienced with DAS, so I’m not sure what my next step is. Any help??


Yoga 510-14ISK Laptop (ideapad) Bluetooth stopped working

My bluetooth stopped working yesterday. I ran troubleshooters etc. but they didn’t fix it. I downloaded the driver from this site and installed it but that didn’t work either. I couldn’t see how to uninstall the original driver from device manager, when I right clicked on bluetooth I got a scan hardware option which did nothing and a properties option which brought up a small screen saying bluetooth and nothing else. Only reason I can think why it might have happened is I installed itunes the day before, I’m using windows 10, laptop is a year old. Out of ideas to fic it, any advice would be appreciated.

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