I have a problem. I use Lenovo C2 Power for quite a long time but I need to solve something.

I often use the "Do not disturb" mode but upon receiving sms message it still plays a low, quick sound.

The sound isn’t the same as my default sms sound. It is lower and shorter but it’s annoying. For some reasons my phone needs to be silent (not quieter). 

None of the modes (Total silence/Alarms only/Priority only) can help me.

Is there a chance to fix this? Please this is important to me.


Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Lenovo C2 Power K10a40

My system is up to date

Thunderbolt 3 Dock: monitors go blank for a minute a couple times each hour

I have a Thunderbolt 3 Dock. I’m using the included power supply and the included short Thunderbolt 3 cable. I have the cable plugged into the back of the dock as suggested here on the forum. I upgraded my laptop BIOS on Jully 14, 2018, the day after the latest BIOS for the Yoga 370 was released. I upgraded the firmware while the dock was attached and I saw the notice that the embedded firmware was updated. Therefore, as far as I know, I have done everything that should be required for the dock to work correctly.


The problem is that several times per hour, at seemingly random intervals, the dock-attached monitors go blank for around a minute. They do this in the middle of typing and working. It is not related to power saving as far as I can tell, and moving the mouse or continuing to type does not wake the monitors up instantly. They stay blank for that same interval of around a minute.


There are no errors in the system logs and my system does not indicate that the monitors have been disconnected. There is nothing wrong with the monitors, as they work fine when not connected to the dock. (I have a desktop I tested them with.)


Do I have a defective dock? Or is this just a problem with all Thunderbolt 3 docks? Or is it something related to my laptop (Yoga 370)?

P52 Maximum Memory (currently)



Is it me or is it not possible to buy a P52 with 128GB of RAM? From what I can see the 32GB SODIMMs from Samsung aren’t yet available, therefore the max RAM that you can install is 64GB?


Is there an expected release date for the new DIMMs yet?


Cheers for any help.

ThinkPad Workstation Dock – 40A5 Won't output to Apple Cinema display

Hi all,


I just picked up a ThinkPad Workstation Dock – 40A5, and it refuses to output to my late 2005 Apple Cinema display. I’ve tried DVI and HDMI using an adapter provided by Apple.


What is strange is that it outputs fine to several HDTV’s, on both VGA and HDMI, but plain refuses with this monitor. I will have to buy a new monitor if we can’t fix this. The monitor works on other PC’s including this one, using the built-in HDMI port, but not the docking station ports.


The firmware on the dock is the latest, 2.33 and Windows 10 is up to date. Machine is a ThinkPad P51.


Any help would be appreciated.

Lenovo yoga tab 3 pro Assuming battery voltage is above threshold

hello all,


I have a problem with my tablet LEnovo Yoga TAb 3 PRO, for some time does not fully recharge and when I turn it on comes out the following error in the main screen "impossible 0mV battery voltage. this has to be fixed! Assuming battery voltage is above threshold" 

can someone help me? I tried to do a wipe cache partition and the problem persists.


waiting for help … regards


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