Lenovo 500-14ISK – Replacement Battery

I’m looking at replacing the battery in my laptop. The battery life is terrible and I can only get about an hour and a half out of it now, with light use. I’ve found this battery on online: Here . But Im wondering is their a larger battery I can put into this laptop?



FLEX 5 boot fail after 4qcn41ww BIOS update

The Lenovo software program recommended a updating the BIOS. I ran it. It flashed the drive and then I got a failure message.   The Flex 5 has not been able to start since and ends with Windows 10 blue screen of death saying it can’t find boot device.

In the BIOS it shows hard disk 1 as the SSD drive that I need to boot to and hard disk 2 the HHD drive for storage.   In the boot manager all I see is the HHD drive.   The SSD drive which has the bootloader is not listed as an option.  


I think my BIOS got messed up after the faield update.  I can get to the Windows 10 recovery/restore tools.  Can the BIOS be restored or reinstalled from the command prompt?   


Any ideas on how to make the BIOS recognize the SSD drive in the boot manager?

lenovo legion Y520-15IKBN performance issues, game stuttering, freezing, high fps low performance,

I have a big problem with my legion laptop. When i play games i have like around 200 fps but game is freezing, stuttering for example when i move mouse around or walk in games (fortnite, cs:go, wow, (league of legends works better on my 2011 laptop lol)) and when i play heroes of the storm when i scroll the screen its like massive stuttering, character movement is laggy etc, vsync kinda make the games more playable but everybody knows that vsync + online games is a joke couse of input lag, and i play hots competetively + fortnite (dont tell me that this is screen tearing cous i have enormous screen tearing which is only a bonus to all those things above). Another issues is dpc latency which is enormous, i dont know, does lenovo got peoples who are testing those laptops? couse all drivers are having conflicts with this hardware, even if they are all up to date (i tried windows update, drivers from lenovo site, snappy driver installer) that was cousing massive sound clicks, sound drop-outs, shuttering when i was listetning to music or making music (ableton 10) i have sent my laptop to the service and they literally did nothing (some software test which i have already done LOL) and the laptop came back in very bad state, the screen was blinking, the start menu was blinking + black screen (ive recorded some clips using my phone) i had to do a clean windows install and everything was "fine". But the laptop is still having all those issues, i even tried old windows 10 builds, but still have those issues. Dpc latency is better couse i apllyed MSIsupported for my audio card + installed old 2015 realtek wlan drivers + disabled dynamic ticking. The main problem is now dxgkrnl.sys. I tried to install different nvidia drivers + different setups – with or without geforceexperience, with or without psyhx. Enabled maximum performance in nvidia control panel, enabled maximum performance in my battery options, disabled cpu throttling, literally i’ve spend weeks searching for an solution, tried different fixes but NOTHING does work. Im in contact with lenovo service in Poland, they want to do a remote session in monday so i will see what this thing will bring. Seriously lenovo, this machine is broken i just want a refund or fully working replacement. Did i mentioned that my google chrome is stuttering/lagging too? 😀 even when i test my monitor refresh rate (60.020hz) https://www.testufo.com/refreshrate it says "stutter problems – you browser has stutter problems close other apps" … i dont have any app opened i even disabled microsoft one drive and other things…

my hardware
intel core i7-7700HQ cpu @ 2.8ghz
nvidia gtx 1050 4gb
8gb ram samsung
256 ssd drive samsung

i play with cable plugged, disabled xbox dvr etc. so without those questions please.
okay guys, now anyone can help me? couse im just tired, bought expensive laptop and it’s performing even worse than my laptop from 2011…

Lenovo v330-15ikb Hard disk or bios problem?

Hello, I just bought this laptop 3 days ago and after 1 day of use it’s already not working. After the normal updates of windows 10 an official bios update was shown by lenovo which technically was correctly installed. Then while I was transferring a folder from my local network windows 10 crashed. After reboot it crashed again untill it became stuck in boot menu. I tried everything from changing uefi to legacy but it kept going to boot menu and then I noticed the hard disk wasn’t recognized by the BIOS, but the weird thing is that sometimes it loads up untill windows recovery menu so it partially reads the hard disk and then dies again since I can’t access c drive from command prompt nor see the hard disk with diskpart list disk command. I also hear a click noise every minute or so when this happens. I don’t know what to do. Does anyone know any solution? In case it’s a hard disk failure does warranty cover this?

Extra info: when I got it out of the box the screen frame was a little bit open on two sides, so could it be that the laptop got damaged during shipping and the sata cable is partially loose?

Thanks in advance. 

X1 Yoga 1st Gen: No automatic BIOS update to 1.35



My X1 Yoga 1st Gen has BIOS version 1.33 (according to Lenovo Vantage). Lenovo Vantage, System Update or Automatic Driver Update on the Lenovo website don’t find any new updates. However, I can see on the website that a version 1.35 is available and I could download it manually.


Why doesn’t it get installed automatically? Is there a reason not to update to 1.35 at all?

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