Legion Y720 DDR4 2666 16 Gb performance?

I’m upgrading ram in my Y720 and was woundering if DDR4 2666 would work and if better performance than 2400?

Recovery Media through NOVO button is missing


i have bought lenovo ideapad 80xh with DOS, the dealer updated it to Windows 10 , but now the problem is everything from lenovo is missing,

i want to create hidden recovery media as it comes with factory condition but of windows 10 now not of that DOS,

is there any way i can create hidden recovery media of windows 10 with. NOVO button.

please help. 

TP 13 (Gen 1) Self-Encrypting Drive Setup

Hi everyone!


First post here. I’ve read through some of the forums and I love the spirit of community and helping over here :smileyhappy:


I have a Thinkpad 13 2016 (20GK) with the following specs:

OS: Windows 10 ProCPU: i7-6600USSD: Sandisk X300SBIOS: R0CET39W 1.27 

From what I gather online, the OS and SSD will support Self-Encrypting Drive (Windows eDrive?), except that I’d have to reinstall everything (not too much of an issue, have a spare USB SSD lying around). Have updated to the latest BIOS, 


Two questions: 

Is the BIOS compatible? Read here that some may not be compatible, just wanna make sure.How do I set it up? Here, I read that all X300S SSDs should come with some Wave Embassy software to do this. But when I install the Sandisk SSD Dashboard, I don’t get a license key for the software! Could I enable the SED using other (free!) software like Bitlocker, etc? 

I don’t need any bells and whistles, just a password at startup and encrypted data for greater peace of mind. Thanks in advance! :smileyhappy:

Lenovo P8 ( TB-8703F ) tablet. Is it worth buying?

My main interests:

1)  thoughts on general firmware stability

2) can the Lenovo P8 ( TB-8703F )  tablet recognize MicroSD cards that are formatted with EXT4 or NTFS?


Generally, I am very interested in what you like or dislike about it.


If I buy it I will be rooting the device and removing much of the bundled Google and Lenovo spyware, replacing most of them with apps from f-droid.


So mostly I want to know if Lenovo have built a stable tablet.

Thank you.



Lenovo Ideapad 700 15isk – lenovo vantage – battery problem


i was using my computer with battery conservation on a few days ago but next day i used the pc i couldn’t use it. i losed that option and i really need it because i need to use my computer all day


does anyone know what can i do?

i already tried to reinstall the drivers and lenovo vantage too and nothing

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