KEYPAD IS NOT WORKING FOR 310-15IKB Laptop (ideapad) – Type 80TV – Model 80TV00F3AD

Dear Team,


My Laptop (ideapad) 310-15IKB key pad is not working. I have tried all the way to trouble shoot by googl the same issue but no result.

Finally I contacted the India lenovo Service Center (Bangalore) for keypad issue, but they are unable to support for the Outside india  laptop it seems. And they were asked me to contact home country where I bought it from.


This laptop I got it from one of my friend’s Brother, who was worked in Saudi Arabia. Now I’m unable to contact his brother to get it repair since his brother returnerid to India and it’s not seems good to ask them or depend on them for getting issue resolved since they just helped me to get it laptop from Saudi. 


I’m unable to travle to Saudi Arabia for this keypad issue which is not fair and I’m not getting support from India lenovo service center also as they are out of thier responsibility by giving explanation of IWS with limited service. 


Could you please help me to fix this issue that without asking me to contact or travel to Saudi Arabia.


Please contct me if you need communicated reference.



Yoga 900 USB-C to HDMI not working

I have a Yoga 900 and a Lenovo USB-C to HDMI adapter. It used to work just fine but now I can’t connect to the external monitor. This has happened to me several times in the last few weeks – stopped working then went back to working the next day or so. I updated all drivers (I believe) and checked with two different monitors

Would love to get some help on this very frustrating issue.


ThinkPad E585 – Problem Cloning or Installing Windows 10 on New SSD

We’ve been buying Lenovo ThinkPad E-series for years and replacing factory hard drives with aftermarket SSD — usually Kingston. Never had issues. Now with the E585, we’ve had 2 of the last 3 not work with these SSDs.


We can’t clone the HDD to SSD nor can we even do a normal re-install of Windows 10 from the USB Flash Drive. Nothing we’ve tried has been successful in getting our aftermarket Kingston SSD to work in the new E585.


When we put in the new drive in and try our typical Windows 10 install USB Drive, the error was 0x80300002 — "We couldn’t install Windows in the location you chose. Please check your media drive."


I don’t have the specific error handy for the clone failure, but it’s something to do with the typical Windows Cannot Start stuff, I beleive.


I just figured I would make a post because there has to be others trying to do the same thing and seeing these failures, I’m sure. No problem with the E580, however.

Impossible to make a microphone work on Thinkpad X1 extreme ?


There is only one jack on the X1 extreme (that is supposedly both for speakers and microphone), but each time I plug my microphone, the speakers shut down and no sound is recorded at al from the microphone.


I tried to see in microphone / realtek parameters but was unable to make any microphone work (even if on other computers you just have to plug it and that’s all)


Is there some drivers for that or is it a known issue that X1 extreme cannot use any microphone ?



Lenovo X1 Carbon 2nd gen Left side usb and headphone jack suddenly stopped working

Lenovo X1 Carbon 2nd gen Left side usb and headphone jack suddenly stopped working. I just used both jack and usb previous day but now they both are not working. Any solutions for this.

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