Just 3 months and My Lenovo wont boot!!!!



Last thing I did was charging my phone to 100% and going to bed. I used the original charger and the cable like I always do and it charged normally within 2 hours like always do. After charging completely, I unplugged it and it was working well even moments before I went to bed!!


Today morning I checked it was completly dead!! No blinking red lights like other users mentioned. It was dead and has no signs of life!! I tried pressing the power button for few seconds, then all the powe/volume button combinations to get the flash menu. But it’s dead!


I use the phone very carefully and nothing, not even a little drop on to the table happend to be like this!! Can anyone please help? I used for just 3 months!!! Nothing weired installed before and the system was working fine before I went to bed!! 



Reset PC without sending to Lenovo?

Is there any way to just completely reset my pc without sending it to a Lenovo store?


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USB type c E580


I have a Thinkpad E580 Laptop and i want to know can i use usb c to dvi convertor with this laptop?

Is this Usb Type c just for charge battery or no?

Sorry for my bad english !



USB type c E580

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Thinkpad T430 internal fan – "nasty air"



I bought a used (from pro seller, "perfect" condition)  "Lenovo Thinkpad T430 i7-3520M 2,90GHz 8GB 320GB 1600×900 HD"

I am *almost* happy with it, but now comes my admittedly peculiar problem.

The air coming out from the fan is not exactly pleasant, i.e. I can’t let the device run for 1 hour without getting a scratchy throat / hoarse voice from it.
I.e. it releases irritants of some sort into the air.

Now while I had this with some, but not nearly all, e.g. PC power supplies (new) and their blown-out air, I am also very sensitive to anything tobacco smoke related, so it *could* be possible that it’s not the device per se but the previous owner was a smoker and they somehow managed to clean the outside of the device to not have smell (it doesn’t), but the problem from the inside is still residues. (smokers’ gear tends to have such problems)

*if* that were the case – is there a way to clean whatever the air comes in contact with that comes out from that fan, or replace "some parts" or a whole unit / module of something?
(I have no idea about the internal  layout, maybe the question is silly to anyone who knows it)
It’s only speculation, but depending on the cost of things I might experiment.

Or I have to sell the thing again and need to get a new one from a shop where they demo running devices, where I can test whether the devices have that problem… *sigh*

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